Odoo CMS - a big picture

Odoo benefits & strengths


Freddy Czaja

Open Source

Odoo is in the versions Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise Open Source. This means that the source code can be viewed, changed and used by third parties (the exact terms for the versions may differ).

Three Odoo versions

Odoo comes in three versions that appeal to different target groups. Odoo Enterprise (all features), Odoo Community (Open Source) or Odoo Online (Software as a Service).

Integrated software

Cross-functional working is one of the great strengths of ERP - and Odoo shows it to perfection. All Odoo apps are interlinked and influence each other.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Freely scalable

Freely scalable means that the system can grow. Odoo can be expanded at any time to include areas, apps, software interfaces, processes & users - just as the growth of a business dictates.


All Odoo versions are browser-based and only require Internet, an Internet-enabled device and a browser like Chrome. Working in Odoo ERP is possible worldwide.


One of the biggest benefits of Odoo Community & Odoo Enterprise is that these versions are customizable. Code customizations can be made in all apps to map and control enterprise processes.


Das durchdachte Schnittstellendesign macht Odoo zu einem ERP, das Benutzer vom ersten Moment an verstehen. Drei der wichtigsten Vorteile sind die einfache Bedienung, der effektive Zeiteinsatz und die hohe Akzeptanz bei allen Mitarbeitern.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


ERP & CRM in one system has many advantages. These include the common database, saving on work steps and interfaces, cross-functional processes or the specialization in a system.

License costs

Companies have the choice between three Odoo versions: Odoo Community is royalty free, Odoo Enterprise & Odoo Online are chargeable. The license costs are very low compared to other providers and are paid monthly or annually.

Common database

The avoidance of redundancies is one of the main advantages of integrated softwares. This is made possible by the large range of  Odoo apps, so island solutions are avoided.

Modern software architecture

Odoo uses Python as a programming language. She is very easy to understand, has many features and no type system - just to name a few. Furthermore, many adjustments can also be made in the backend.

Wide range of apps

In addition to standard apps like Sales, Warehouses, or CRM, there are over 10,000 different modules & apps available that integrate major & minor feature changes or customizations in Odoo.

Modern design

It makes a big difference whether the design of a software feels good or looks old and boring. Odoo has a harmonious design, starting with the colors, down to the writing - it's just fun to work with Odoo ...

Integrated online shop

The integrated online shop is one of the main reasons for many companies to opt for Odoo. Advantages: Data in real time, one database, one software, no interfaces.

Multi site

Odoo is multi-site capable so that more complex companies can create and manage all websites in Odoo. Together with the integrated online shop a very strong USP.

Big community

The open source-based global community makes Odoo far better than other enterprise resource planning software. Thousands of developers make Odoo what it is - a great ERP.


What is most important for a software is that it is future-proof. Odoo concentrates on commercial purposes and with its financial freedom it is able to develop in a way that becomes State of the Art.

Odoo Studio

With the Odoo Studio App can be created a new app (in Odoo), without programming experience, or made adjustments in all areas. The whole thing goes from simple to very complex.