Odoo CMS - a big picture


Leaserad is a company from the city of Freiburg, the so called “Green City”. They sell leasing contracts to companies and facilitate the acquirement of bikes for their employees, with the goal of improving the environment, climate change, health and cost savings under one roof.

Holger and Rainer manage the project with Bloopark. On november 2013, they came to us with the necessity of an ERP system that could handle the undeniable growth they were experiencing. After trying a previous company, the workflows and development wasn’t what they expected, and that is how we landed the project.

Goals And Planning

The goal was to have the proper software to handle this growing company with clients like Commerzbank, Accenture and ... Companies come to Leaserad to provide their employees with a sustainable mobility. They didn't need a fancy, full of features, system. Just a good, functional one.

Leaserad Backend

Leaserad Frontend

Building an Openerp

We started building and giving shape to this software that involved some specific content in the backend. Some customizations were inevitable, every company has their own requirements and necessities. Financially and in the sales, are the ones that need the most specifications, which will be detailed below.

The tech

Leaserad runs on Openerp 7 and Typo3 for the frontend and CMS. Bloopark only works on the backend and the erp, even though it is connected. As previously mentioned, we did some customizations for the backend according to some needs. Not in features, but improving the erp.


Improvements of client forms and views. Overlook and the layout. Leads: created the “business portfolio”. Values and categories to classify sales orders, set prices, etc. Once the categories are s elected they go through for invoices, stock-picking, purchase.

Personal Nummber

Connection of the frontend and the ERP system, gives permissions to clients or users in the companies. The system checks the r ights of the number and lets the customer buy or not. (Jobrad).


Improvements in fields and requirements to have every contract with same structure and complete. As well as analog and singned c ontracts can be scanned and automatically updates the state in openerp after processing.

Email Feature

On top of the Openerp features, we customized the forms and the handling of mail for campaigns and mailing lists according to t he Leaserad needs.

SEPA improvements

After this years SEPA changes, we did some adjustments and integration from the german legal requirements to the erp.


Sales, purchases, invoices, delivery orders. Updated to the needs and made reports exportable from the backend. Some are new, s ome were improved.

The Result

Even though our job is not visible because it is "backstage" kind of job, we invite you to visit the website and check its features. A lot of our customizations make some features posible.


The project is still going on, even though it is already live, we are still working to get to the desired website.