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#The challenge

The core goal of the Belsonno project was creating and developing the first shop for high quality individual bedding, which included a productor configurator and all that came with it. The premise was an all automatised shop, as easy to manage as possible. That being said, Belsonno is the first big shop created on the latest version of the new Odoo.

Belsonno is a startup from Berlin, Jochen Cuntz and Jana are their founders. We know Jochen from a project called “Glossybox” from two years ago. They wanted to build a shop system that could integrate a configurator. " As procurement happens differently along the suppliers and having a B2B component to our concept, it was important to have a well functioning ERP system."
As part of our regular process, we went to Berlin to have our workshops with the clients, where we talked about details, workflow and adjustments. We had a lot of great ideas, but the budget was quite small. It was definitely a challenge.
Due to our experience with Magento, both Belsonno and us were interested in trying a new platform.

# Concept and design

Sitemaps, structure, design, was brought to us by Belsonno, done inWebflow, a very useful tool based on Bootstrap framework. We received the brand identity and some key pages of the site with the design, it was our task to build the shop based on it.Webflowa very useful tool, based on Bootstrap. Our task was to build the shop around the provided corporate identity and design guide

corporate identity

Belsonno is the first shop creating individual Bedding, completely customised for the customers and made in the best quality. The shop has a lot of gold and silver color to show the value of the product, even though the rather informal font gives it a warmer and more approachable feeling.


The mockups included the the configurator, the cart and the checkout. Design and mockups were done by Belsonno's designer in Webflow. a very nice tool that brings design closer to the web.

# Odoo Anpassung

Before starting with Odoo we started with Spree commerce, a software based on rails and very friendly for developers. Then Odoo came out as the latest version of Openerp. The new Odoo meets the backend and frontend all in one platform, with features out of this world. Having all aspects automatised in one platform is always better than having CMS on one side and other processes on another. So Belsonno decided to port the shop to the new Openerp, "Odoo".


From the design provided by Belsonno and some basic pages, we created the Belsonno Theme in Odoo, which included Fonts, buttons, image styling, transitions, structure, menu, footer, among others. At this point we had the design, the company theme and a default shop.

# Customizing

The shop needed some features both for the shop and for behind the courtines (backend), involving user-customisation, improvements and target adjusting.

Product configurator

Created specially for Belsonno's product, where step by step the customer creates his individual product. On the right, there is an overview of the selection and its price.

Product Variants

Improved the existing odoo variants, with a more flexible management; there are more options regarding the attributes handling.

One Step Checkout

The complete checkout process in one page and responsive, with the goal to reduce cart abandonment. Easy to fill forms and clear information.


Together with the Checkout, we imrpoved the form validation, to ease the process of signing up or completing a purchase.

Multi-image Gallery

A gallery that sells the products even better, the customer can see in detail what the product is all about.


This feature created by Zippopotam.us was integrated,which autocompletes addresses based on zip codes.


This feature allows customers to pay with credit cards directly on the website, and its a big asset for the company as well.

Coupon handling

We extended an existing, basic coupon tool. We improved it from the funcionality and the layout.

Product Filter

With backend and frontend handling, completely customized filter for the ecommerce shop. It gives the possiblity to have a default filter (with selected attributes), and extendable options.

Layered Navigation

A three level navigation, with different possibilities of rendering in the browser, and positioning of categories can be defined in the backend.

# the tech

The shop needed the technical background to support both the shop and all new features that involved work from the backend. This included user-customisation, improvements and adjusting the target.


Collection of apps fully integrated in one business software: cms and frontend, and complete sales, accounting, HR, invoicing, etc. Written purely in python, with postgres database and qweb.


Latest version of HTML, specially designed for better accesibility, searchability and adaptable to all platforms and environments with no additional plugins.


Latest standard for CSS, completely compatible with older versions. Includes smoother transitions based on animate.css that will make the final product as close to the design as possible. animate.css die das finale Produkt so nah wie möglich an das Design heranbringen.


The most widely adopted version control system, used for non-linear workflows. Every git working directory is a repositrory with complete history and full version-tracking capabilities.


"Syntactically awesome style sheets", a real scripting language, with expressions, functions, variables, conditional logic; on an odoo theme they can make complex or repetitive CSS much easier to write.


Together with Git, deployment with Atlassian Bamboo is completely automatised and synched. One of the best things is its flexibility and compatibility with all mejor build engines.

# Outcome

Belsonno is now an online shop, and sells ready-to-shop bedding as well as enable the costumer to create its own bedding in 4 simple steps - using a configurator. Belsonno is runningcompletely customized in the Odoo ERP systemand customer service, human resources, marketing, and more-can be managed all in the same software.

Our first Odoo online shop

The project grew with Odoo's updates, it was released almost together with the version 8, which included the major changes in the ERP system. It was never easy, but if it were, we wouldn't feel so proud of it.

Check the site

# insights

Like in every project, Belsonno and Bloopark had to meet half way on their way of working. We had our 'back and forth's along the way, but we are extremely happy with the result. We are still working to improve, no shop will ever be perfect, updates will come, and we will work on top of our base.

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