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Which Odoo version is right for my company?

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Freddy Czaja


Many entrepreneurs are wondering which Odoo version is right for their business: Odoo Community (Open Source), Odoo Enterprise (all features) or Odoo Online (Software as a Service)? We want to use this question as an opportunity to highlight the advantages, disadvantages and target groups of the individual Odoo versions.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Odoo Community

Odoo Community is open source and the basic version of Odoo. All standard apps are available in the version, although some with fewer features than in Odoo Enterprise & Odoo Online. Odoo Community is royalty free (no license fees for users & used standard apps) and the version is full customizable. This means that companies can completely customize the ERP Software-Code to their needs & processes. Furthermore, Odoo Community has no limit on the number of users and can be hosted both in the cloud and on-premise.

Target group

The target group are companies that prefer open source software and want to avoid license costs. Also, the possibility of customizing is a strong incentive for many companies to opt for this version.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Odoo Enterprise

In Odoo Enterprise, most apps have additional features that make standardized processes even better. For example, the Sales App: Connection to shipping service providers such as UPS, Fedex, DHL Express. Another reason to choose Odoo Enterprise is the Odoo Studio App, which is only available here and allows you to build and customize apps without any programming skills - a really great tool. Other benefits include that Odoo Enterprise can be customized to the smallest detail, is fully responsive (backend & frontend), that it has unlimited technical support through Odoo S.A. and above all that free migration scripts are available for the annual version upgrades.

The whole features are not free. For the use of Odoo Enterprise license fees are charged, but in relation to other providers are low. License fees can be paid monthly or annually and are made up of the number of users and the apps used.

Target group

Odoo Enterprise is the flagship of Odoo and is aimed at companies with the highest demands on ERP. This includes above all the possibility of customizing (also through Odoo Studio), the improved apps, unlimited technical support and the comfortable use on all devices, through responsive web design (backend & frontend).

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Odoo Online

Odoo Online is a pure software as a service solution (SaaS) and is different by three things from Odoo Enterprise & Odoo Community: First, Odoo Online is not open source and can not be customized through normal customizing (code). Second, Odoo Online is hosted & managed on servers from Odoo S.A. . This includes automatic security updates & updates to current versions. The latter is a big advantage that all SaaS systems carry with them.
Furthermore, all additional features are available in the standard apps (like Odoo Enterprise) and backend / frontend are responsive available for desktop, tablet & smartphone. Small drawback: the number of users is limited to max. 50.

Target group

The target group are small to medium-sized companies, with fewer than 50 users who do not need advanced customizing for mapping and controlling the company and who leave the technical support of the system to the manufacturer of the software. Since the Odoo service is English, it is advantageous if the communication can be conducted in English.


The Odoo Enterprise version is preferred by most companies when they have to decide between Odoo Enterprise & Community. The reason for this is the multitude of advantages that come with the Enterprise version, such as additional features in the apps, responsive design, Odoo Studio, etc.

Also, the question of data security, for example industrial spionage or DSGVO, is a factor to consider in the selection. Some of the companies therefore want the servers to be in Germany or operated locally. Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community are first choice, when this factors are important.

Odoo Online stands alone and is particularly interesting for companies with standard processes. Here is the great advantage that the technical support of the system is taken over by Odoo and all security updates or updates on higher versions are included in the license costs.