Odoo CMS - a big picture

UX / UI in Odoo

User Experience & User Interface - this is how Odoo feels

Freddy Czaja


Usability and user experience are important points in software today. Earlier, it did not matter what a software looked like or how it could be operated, the main thing it worked - that is not so today. Odoo does & shows it. Clear menu structures, simple operation, separate app areas, modern design, beautiful colors and clear boards make working with Odoo ERP very pleasant.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Usability of the functionalities

It's the little things that make Odoo so great. Hide tabbed content, open design, networked content, multiple views for individual pages, helpful breadcrumbs navigation, clear status bars, personalized dashboards, easy-to-change content, fast page layout, extensive filters & groupings. Try out Odoo.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design is not only popular with websites and online shops, but also in the field of ERP. Ideal for example , when sales representatives work with customers or when data has to be checked in production with the tablet. Odoo Enterprise, Odoo Community & Odoo Online are responsive, so desktop, tablet and smartphone always have the best grid available. Pages that contain tables or kanban views will only work responsive design to a certain extent - but that's in the nature of things.

Navigation & Menus

Navigation in the header is one of the strengths of Odoo. The advantage ist that there is much more room for the actual content. Left / right navigation takes to much space & tables and content needs space. This ist one of a big benefit of a header navigation. By the way: Also Odoo Community uses since the version Odoo 12 a header navigation.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Color schemes

Part of the excellent user experience is due to the Odoo color worlds. A lot of white, well-composed shades of gray and a pleasant blue make Odoo a feast for the eyes. Users enjoy it. The Enterprise, Online & Odoo Community versions differ slightly in their color worlds - but in the versions enterprise / online everything even more closed.