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Online Shops Product descriptions

Importance for SEO & Conversion

Freddy Czaja


They know it, they are looking for a product and only need a little bit of information to decide. But the product pages you find do not contain the information you're looking for - and the search takes forever. This is true even for the company pages of manufacturers. Here, online shop owners miss a really good opportunity to be found and win customers. But the whole thing is not easy! On the first places of the search engines are only Brands (more bad than right) and the own online shop can only be found on page three. So what do you do to get ahead? We say it in our article!

Meaning for SEO

Product pages are the most important pages of an online shop - next to the category pages. And here is one of the most important possibilities for search engine optimization. It's the texts that are read by visitors who are rated by the search engines and then decide for the placements in the search engines.

Search engines

First of all, it takes a long breath and a lot of time to reach very good results in the search engines with the product pages of the online shop and to become a brand in the eyes of Google (as the most important search engine).
This requires a high quality in the various areas such as product images, category pages, load time, design, responsive design, backlinks, title tags, meta-description... & our topic: product descriptions.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

What is rated by search engines?

Included keywords, relation to the product, text length, headings, spelling & above all, how long a user stays on the page. That's exactly what we need product texts for. Pages without product text or details are quickly abandoned, not to mention that there are no keywords that allow internet users to find the product page - all in all, very bad for conversion rate & search engine optimization. Or would you buy a product in an online shop where no product description is available? Also, product pages without product description in the totality for search engines are very similar to each other. Sure, they have different URLs, H1 headlines & product images, but the rest is the same. New Online shops they dont have a good rank within the search engines, have no good starting point to distinguish themselves from other providers.

Keywords & unique texts

Ideally, product descriptions contain keywords that are searched by users.
Clearly, the product name should occur and in the details such as weight, size, color or the item number (important). The better and more accurate information can be provided, even in connection with wanted keywords, the more grateful will be potential buyers. It is definitely worthwhile to start a small keyword search for most products to find out one or the other keywords. It is also very important that every text has to be unique! Copying product descriptions from the manufacturer or other providers is prohibited and leads to poor search engine rankings or even exclusion. Duplicate content should definitely be avoided & is one of the things that prevent a good ranking.

Length of the text

The most important thing in the product description is the detailed information of the product, which can be seen at a glance. After that comes the product description itself. It should not be a text waste, but come along with interesting information. Here is the rule: shorter rather than too long. If you can package the information in five sentences, rather than in 15, then opt for five sentences. Is it an important product for your company (which brings a lot of sales or profits), e.g. a vehicle or another high-priced product, then it's worth it to write more, because in most cases there is more to say.
The whole thing should show a good overview, with headings and paragraphs, so that the users are not overwhelmed by the mass of the text - because long textes nobody wants to read.


Clearly, the H1 should carry the correct product name, which is also sought by buyers. There is little room for maneuver here. In rare cases one should deviate from it, if the product comes for example from abroad & a "German" product name is better to communicate. Nevertheless, the real product name should appear here at least in the product details.

What does a good product description look like?

First, the product description must be tidy and clear. Here, users should be picked up, especially want to have a quick overview - that's best done by listing the features & details. Then comes the product text with advanced information such as: why buyers should choose the product, application areas, benefits, user group, highlights, etc.

A good option is to work with Tabs who keep the various information well organized. The advantage of Tabs: they ensure that the page is not overloaded. Zalando makes it excellent.

Otherwise, a well-to-read font should be used, pleasant spacing between the lines & paragraphs exist and matching font sizes & font colors exist. Here it is the task of the web designer to find the right design.

added value

As described above, product descriptions should provide added value & excellent customer information. For this reason, it is important that the author of the product text is well versed with products and categories and can thus write informative, expressive texts. Such a product text writer also turns a seemingly boring, simple product into a product text with added value. It therefore makes sense to have one or more good editors who meet these requirements and are quick to do so.

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