Odoo CMS - a big picture

Odoo - the Future of the ERP

Advantages Odoo

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Entrepreneurs need to take care of a variety of tasks to grow the business. One of them is to select, manage and evolve the enterprise resource planning software. Issues such as future-proofing, process mapping, data security, IT competence + IT staff, costs, etc. not only have an impact on a small subarea, but decide on the success and the future of the company.

It's time for Odoo

Odoo ERP is one of the best and fastest growing ERPs on the market, with more than three million users worldwide. The benefits that we list you now are groundbreaking for the whole industry.

Odoo CMS - a big picture



Odoo replaces many of the company's other software with its large number of integrated apps (modules). Advantage: All business processes converge in Odoo and can be mapped, evaluated and controlled here. Also, employees can concentrate on the actual work and do not have to constantly maintain data twice or move between the different software. Example: Odoo has a fully integrated CRM.


Odoo is fully customizable in the Community & Enterprise versions. That means: Odoo can be changed as needed by their processes. The special thing about this is that you can make simple changes yourself using Odoo Studio (adding a field). More complicated processes and changes are made possible by adapting the code.


Odoo is develope by Odoo S.A. and of the odoo community, because to become the world's best and most successful ERP in the future. Through Odoo Online and Odoo Enterprise, the company is financially independent and can take all entrepreneurial actions that make Odoo grow & expand. First and foremost is a large development department that, together with the community, enables every year the launch of a new Odoo version, that makes Odoo even better.


Odoo is available in the versions Odoo Online, Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. Odoo Online is a so-called SaaS solution (Software as a Service) and is particularly suitable for companies that want to map standard processes. Users of this release do not have to worry about technical details such as servers, security updates or upgrades - this is provided by Odoo S.A. taken over (manufacturer). Odoo Community is the free version of Odoo. All standard apps are free and also the users. Odoo Enterprise is designed for companies that want to customize their software to the business, need all the extra features of each standard app and appreciate the many big and small features that are not available in Odoo Community. For example: the responsive web design across all devices.


Odoo communicates all prices transparently from the beginning. High initial costs like with SAP are not there! Short Description: Odoo Community is free if you only use standard apps. The costs for Odoo-Online & Enterprise are calculated according to the number and type of apps used, as well as the number of users. Hosting Odoo Online is free.


Odoo has an integrated online shop! For this reason, you no longer need additional online shop software and no interface that connects ERP and the online shop - which solves many problems at the same time. Also, you can design, manage and publish the company website directly with Odoo because Odoo has an integrated CMS.


Your business is growing and Odoo is growing with your business! You can start with an app and a user and expand Odoo bit by bit. This saves you money right from the start and you can expand your business when you want - without feeling any financial pressure.

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