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Odoo provides with "Odoo runbot" several Odoo installations to give users the opportunity to get acquainted with Odoo, to detect problems of their own installation or to test Odoo modules and apps. Particularly praiseworthy are the pre-installed data such as: customers, sales or products.

Address: runbot.odoo.com/runbot


Once you are on http://runbot.odoo.com/runbot, you can use the top navigation to log in to the various versions and installations of Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. If you would like to test a version of Odoo Community, then click on the navigation point "odoo / odoo". If you want to test Odoo Enterprise, click on "odoo / enterprise". All other navigation items are not of interest to you. Just for the sake of completeness: The sections odoo-dev / odoo and odoo-dev / enterprise are intended exclusively for Odoo Developer. Here becomes Odoo evolved.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


For example, after choosing Odoo Community (odoo / odoo), choose the special Odoo version. You will see them listed on the left side. Available at the time of the article are Odoo 10, Odoo 11, Odoo 12 (current version) and Master (future version).

Now that you have decided on version "12.0" (Odoo 11), you can choose one of several installations. Installations with green background are available, red ones are not available. Once you have decided, you only have to log into the installation by clicking the blue button. User and password is "admin". Then you are in the Odoo backend of your installation.

Why you should use odoo runbot

Users use Odoo Runbot for various reasons. We have listed for you three reasons that are considered typical.

First, if you experience problems with your own Odoo installation, you can use Odoo Runbot to check if there is a fundamental issue or just a issue on your own installation.
Secondly, as an Odoo user or as an Odoo beginner, you have the opportunity to try a wide variety of Odoo apps. This is very easy in Odoo Runbot, as data is already preinstalled and you can better understand how it works based on the examples.
Third, you can use Odoo Runbot as the basis for deciding on Odoo Community or Odoo Enterprise.

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