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From a certain company size an enterprise resource planning software is indispensable. It depends on the number of employees and on the processes that are to be mapped and controlled. The core objective of an ERP it is here to make the company more efficient! That's why before introducing an ERP, each company must answer the following question: Which system fits the company's processes and requirements? To answer this question, two things are necessary: First, the entire processes of the Company must be understood by at least one employee or project manager. Secondly, it takes a person who has a high level of ERP knowledge and is familiar with their target groups, strengths & weaknesses. This can be an external consultant or a tech-savvy employee of the company. If you put both together, you have a good chance to select the right ERP.

Of course, a free ERP is not the solution, just a requirement. For this reason, only the requirements of the company decide which ERP is the right one. If the choice then falls on a license-free ERP - all the better.

Now we introduce you to Odoo, with its royalty free version "Odoo Community".


Odoo is one of the best and most successful ERPs worldwide and available in three versions: Odoo Community, Odoo Online & Odoo Enterprise. Odoo Online & Odoo Enterprise are chargeable. Here, companies pay a monthly or annual fee for the number of users & apps. Odoo Community is open source and license free. This means: There are no costs for users & standard apps. Odoo itself exists since 2005 (first release). The software company behind Odoo is called Odoo S.A. and is located in Belgium. Odoo is further developed by Odoo S.A. and the global community.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Odoo Community in comparison

Odoo Community is open source and the basic version of Odoo. The versions Odoo Online & Odoo Enterprise are aimed at other target groups, but build on Odoo Community. The key difference to Odoo Community is that several additional commercial & enhanced features are integrated to give companies a strong incentive to choose one of the two payment options.

Odoo Online is aimed at companies that want to use the ERP as Software as a Service (Cloud hosting of Software & Hardware is administrated by Odoo SA), which don´t need customizing and have a amout of max 50 users.

Odoo Community & Odoo Enterprise, however, are open source, completely customizable (customizing) and target all company sizes. We have summarized for you the advantages of the different versions in one article.

Odoo Community Summary

Royalty Free
Open source
For all company sizes
Cloud & On Premise
Annual new version
No user limit
Immediately downloadable

Introduction costs & running costs

At this point it should be mentioned that the introduction of an ERP always requires a high level of technical knowledge and is usually cost-intensive. So if it means "free ERP system", then you should be aware that more depends on it. We have created for you the article "ERP Software Costs", which identifies possible factors.

Why is there ERP software for free?

There are several reasons why there are free ERP systems. One of the most significant is that providers of software with additional services such as ERP implementation, customizing, training or support earn money. The providers also know that customers often change over the course of time from the free offer to the pay version - which, of course, is very good from a marketing perspective. Odoo itself was planned as open source right from the start, but the great success made it possible for the whole to become more commercial.

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