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CRM goals & benefits

Listing CRM goals, tasks & benefits

Freddy Czaja


No company can afford to lose existing customers or potential new customers through poor service. Sales, marketing and service rely on CRM data, unified processes, automated routines, personal approach to achieve a high standard of customer service, increase sales and operate efficiently. But what exactly are the goals and advantages of a CRM system? We will tell you in our article.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

CRM goals

The goals and advantages of a CRM system are sometimes close to each other. In the following you will therefore find the main objectives of a CRM software.

Increase sales

Increasing sales and profits is one of the main goals of companies. The CRM is subordinated here and serves completely this purpose in the segments existing customer care and new customer acquisition. Existing customers can, for example, be led through personalized marketing campaigns to buy a product. Potential new customers become more likely to become customers through planned activities and personalized approach than through mass processing. This is about the timely & thematically accurate approach to customers.

Increase customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction means that customers come back, recommend the company, pay higher prices and build loyalty to the company. Summed up for the company: that strong customer loyalty arises.

Uniform database

The advantage of a CRM to document customer information in a detailed and complete system and make it available to all responsible employees is one of the main arguments for a CRM. In addition, the uniform database avoids redundancies that inevitably arise with the use of multiple software. Furthermore, by documenting all steps, it is possible to understand exactly how the status is to the customer.

Just one example: A Key Account Manager goes on holiday for three weeks and is therefore not available as a contact person. To ensure that customers who are assigned to the Key Account Manager still receive first-class service when needed, the customer's data must be available to other account managers.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Efficient processes

It is Efficiency is what makes a CRM so incredibly important. The motto here is: Using staff & resources efficiently & time-saving, with maximum success rate. A CRM is guide through sales- , marketing- and service departments (tactical & strategic) like a map & a compass. Requests appear directly in the CRM and can be assigned automatically or manually to the sellers. The clear & consistent presentation of next tasks, deadlines & status enables a pinpoint approach to the customer and leads to the routine (unification of processes) - every system need this to be efficient. Also, CRM combines marketing and sales into one unit, so that one can draw causal conclusions between the different areas.

Personalized address

Customers feel it when the address on the phone or in the mail is impersonal. A CRM can prevent this because the customer can be treated very personally. That in the salutation, solving problems, offering products / services and much more.

CRM tasks

Mapping the customer status
Schedule Tasks & Appointments (Reminder Activities)
Integrated Software: work with Email, Calendar & Chat
Documentation of tasks, problems & history to the customer
Share information & make it available
Segment- Information & Customers
Identify opportunities
Creating of reports

CRM benefits

Improvement of customer service (generic)
Increase customer satisfaction (generic)
Increase customer loyalty (generic)
Increase sales (generic)
Faster processes
Overview status
Uniform databasis
Safer storage for customer data
Exact work
Worldwide access to data
Easy cooperation
Reduction costs
Automatic reports
Segmentation of information & customers
Identify opportunities
Uniform software
Integrated software (email integration, calendar, chat, etc.)
Unify sales process
Improved communication between distributors & sales managers
Timely- & thematically accurate addressing of customers
Automation of processes
Identifying Opportunities (Identify Needs)
Mobile applicability

CRM in connection with ERP

The combination of ERP & CRM in one software is another step towards maximum efficiency. Companies can, for example, convert leads (potential customers) into customers with one click, create and send offers / orders, which in turn influences stock, purchasing & sales in real time. The whole thing is called integrated system and is associated with many other benefits for companies. Examples: uniform and centralized data management, real-time data available, reduction of user knowledge, easier administration, comprehensive analyzes, avoidance of interface, software and release problems, with high cost savings.

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