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Advantage of customizable ERP systems

Customizing Advantages & Disadvantages

Freddy Czaja


What uses an ERP that can not map important business processes? Not much!
Sure, it can do its job in many areas, for example, in sales or purchasing, but if a part of a business can not be integrated, then Excel or other software must be used to compensate. But there is a solution: Customizable ERP software.

In our article we now want to show what the advantages and disadvantages of customizable ERP software are.


If your company wants to introduce an ERP,  belongs the possibility Customizing to the list of generic requirements, which must be clarified in advance. This means: If you find out when creating the requirements specification & the selection of the ERP´s that processes can not be mapped as standard, then you probably only consider an ERP that is customizable.

Customizable does not mean changing simple settings (administration area), but programming the software to reflect or control processes. For example, adding new input fields that affect different areas of the ERP. That's the power of open source thinking, where software can be improved, adapted or used as much as possible.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Companies open up new business areas, change processes and have to develop further in order to survive in the market. Some companies and startups also have business ideas that are not reflected in any standard ERP. From the beginning, the ERP has to be aligned with these processes, so that the whole thing becomes reality.

The advantages of a customizable ERP are therefore obvious. It is the flexibility, the freedom and the opportunity to make the company more capable of acting, more accurate, more reproducible, more controllable and thus also successful in the future.


Integrate new processes
Development of the company
Saving resources
Develop new business areas
Flexible acting
Accurate assessments & evaluations
More efficient management of the company
Using of one software
Faster reaction time


Where there is light there is also shadow!

1. Customizing costs money & a lot of time for demanding tasks. Requirements must be discussed, planned, programmed and tested. That sounds easy, but it's hard work on many projects.

2. If the default software is changed, the changed code often needs to be adjusted (and tested) when migrating to a current version. Here it is important that very well programmed and documented before, so that there is no rude awakening.

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