Odoo CMS - a big picture

Why should you decide for Odoo ERP?

Articles about the advantages and the different versions

Freddy Czaja

There are many reasons why you should opt for Odoo ERP - the main benefits are listed in this post. Odoo is available in the three versions: Community, Online and Enterprise. Odoo Community is the free version, Odoo Online and Odoo Enterprise are customizable.


Odoo is very flexible when it comes to the needs of a company. So it is possible to continuously adapt the ERP to the requirements of the company so that Odoo grows with the company. Companys can start with one or two apps, and with growing business, adding more apps and features. The same applies to the number of users: here too you can start with one user and add more users later. But the biggest strength is a other one: Odoo can be completely adapted to the business processes, because Odoo is Open Source & customizable. 


Odoo is in the versions Community & Enterprise open source.This has the advantage that the software in the basic version is freely available (Odoo Community) and on the other hand, that besides Odoo S.A., a worldwide community contributes to the further development. The idea here is that many developers can make a software even better than just a few. Open source enables companies to develop the own  software to better improve all processes.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Of the three Odoo versions, only Odoo Community is free. The version can be downloaded from Odoo.com. The advantage for small (and especially for larger) companies: no license fees have to be paid for the number of users. Also, all standard apps such as sales, stock or purchasing are included in the version.


Since Odoo is browser-based, you can work with it worldwide. The only things you need are internet and a computer with a browser. This has many advantages: Companies are not tied to special output devices and not to specific computers. Different users can access Odoo regardless of location - whether on a business trip, during a service order, or at a conference. It also eliminates the need to integrate intricate networks - which saves a lot of money - because simple web servers can be used.


Customers can choose between following three Odoo versions: Community, Online and Enterprise. What the advantages and disadvantages of the Odoo versions are, that we will tell you in the following paragraphs.


Odoo Community is royalty free. This means that companies do not have to pay monthly or annual fees for the number of users. The same applies to the use of all standard apps. It is important to know that some app features are only available in Odoo Enterprise - this should increase the incentive to choose this version. Another advantage of Odoo Community is that special business processes can be added by customizing the software (Odoo development). Companies that choose Odoo Community, however, have to take care of the installation, hosting and maintenance themselves. That's a big difference to Odoo Online, because this is a SaaS-system.


Odoo Online is available "out of the box" and therefore ready for immediate use. The installation is managed by Odoo itself and hosted on Odoo servers (Software as a Service). The whole thing is not free. Businesses pay a monthly (or annual) fee for each user, and also for booked apps (but not the number of users). The number of users is limited to 50. Important: Odoo Online can not be adapted to a company by means of software development (customizing).

Odoo CMS - a big picture


The flagship of Odoo is called Odoo Enterprise. This version comes with a host of additional features and apps, is open source and customizable. For example, Odoo Enterprise is responsive and optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphone. Another example: The Sales app comes standard with shipping methods UPS, Fedex, DHL and USPS, and much more.

The cost per user amounts to approximately 22 euros per month (with annual payment) and the number of users is not limited. The minimum number of users is one. The further development of the software, for the adaptation to the enterprise, is just as easily possible as in the version Odoo Community (customizable). 

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