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Definition, Challenge, Goals & Principle

Freddy Czaja


Upselling is a sales strategy (sales method) in which a seller tries to sell the buyer a higher-priced product / service. Upselling should not be confused with cross-selling, which offers additional products / services.


The challenge in upselling is that the buyer should not notice that he is consciously directed. If the buyer notices that he is being manipulated and is being forced to buy a more expensive product, he may be taking off from the purchase and looking for another supplier. It is even worse if the seller is perceived as intrusive or even unsympathetic.

Businesses should therefore be aware that salespeople have a good understanding of people and empathy and regularly participate in sales training. Also, customers should be interviewed anonymously to get informations about sellers. This safed that maintain and improve the quality of the sales team.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


The sole goal of upselling is to increase the company's sales and profits. For this purpose, the advantages of a higher-priced product are presented in the sales process (benefits, quality, comfort) in order to arouse the needs of the customer (desire, desire, claims). For example when a seller demonstrating a Car with all the extras, the buyer feel all the benefits during the test drive. It is then difficult for the buyer to part with the comfort or benefits and very likely that he choose a more expensive product.

Even when selling other products, the whole thing works similarly. For example, in stationary stores, three identical products, in different price ranges, are juxtaposed and the benefits of the higher-priced models are demonstrated by demonstration. Since the customer usually has not yet decided in favor of a particular product, the chance is high that he decides to buy a more expensive product.

The basis for this, according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, is that after achieving the physiological, safety and social needs, people want to fulfill their individual needs want to realize (prestige, esteem, respect and importance).


Even with services and products that are offered on the Internet upselling works very well. It is important that the information describing the benefits, quality and all outstanding characteristics are presented very well and are best placed in a position comparable to the cheaper product.

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