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Specialist articles in online shops

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Freddy Czaja

How do we get more new customers in our online shop? That's the question that concerns all e-commerce companies. We know the answers: Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Referrals (Friends, Acquaintances), Affiliate Marketing (Website Recommendation), Social Media Marketing and much more. But finding the right balance between effort, price, and result is not easy. In our article, we therefore want to show you how you can gain new customers with high-quality technical articles and tutorials, and in the long term improve the reputation of the online shop in the search engines.


However, before you write articles and tutorials, all product and category pages should have very good product textes. That has priority!

Odoo CMS - a big picture

What is the goal of a specialist article?

The aim of specialist articles in the online shop is to guide potential customers to the online shop. This is done by writing articles that contain the answers to questions (about products). For example solutions to problems: which tile format fits best in small bathrooms? Running shoes for overweight? Which bicycle sizes are there? This is how the bike xyz is assembled!

The number of possible questions (and keywords) is huge and has the potential to generate a lot of traffic. Clearly, product pages and category pages are the most important, but specialist articles have the task of making the online shop more relevant to search engines and customers. So professional articles help twice: First, they lead customers to the online shop. Second, professional articles help (if they are good) to make the online shop so relevant (to customers and search engines) that product and category pages get better rankings in search engines.

And that's what makes the difference: Other online stores have product pages and category pages with standard texts that may even come from the manufacturer (duplicate content). But you have very good product- and category pages and also articles that are timeless and strengthen the whole online shop (from the point of view of search engine optimization).

To now understand what articles we should write to address new customers in the various stages of the shopping process, we first need to understand the customer journey!

Customer Journey

The so-called Customer Journey describes the cycles that a user goes through until he buys a product. The following cycles are available:

Intent to Purchase
Conversion (purchase)

And here we have the problem:
Online shops usually come into contact with potential customers only in the "Intent to Purchase" cycle. But what if we reach the customer before? It would be better if potential customers find the online store in the "Favorability" or "Consideration" stages and then carry out the conversion (purchase) in the same online shop.

So what do we have to write to reach customers in this phase of Favorability and Consideration?

Specialist Articles & Tutorials

Before customers buy a product, they want to know more about it. There are fundamental questions and seemingly minor questions. We take a running shoe as an example. The customer does not want to have a simple running shoe, but a running shoe that is tailored exactly to him and his running track. Here we already have the first starting points for professional articles: What should I pay attention to when choosing a running shoe? That's a very generic question, but it's likely to get a lot of traffic. Another question would be: Which running shoes are suitable for women who weigh over 90kg? Or: What should I pay attention to when choosing running socks?

These are all questions where the first point of contact with new customers can arise. Although there is certainly a tough fight for these keywords. So we have the task to find out what customers are interested in before buying a product - this is a typical and important area of ​​search engine optimization and editing.

Where are the articles published?

There should be a separate section in the online shop that lists all articles. Here it requires good navigation and internal linking, so that customers find their way and search engines recognize the relevance. If the online shop has room in the upper navigation, the access to the area should be here (eg frequent questions). In addition, the link can also be listed in the footer. Basically, the area should be designed very professional and animate readers to manage in the online shop. It is also conceivable that products are offered at the same time.

Quality before quantity

If you decide to go this way, you must realize that only quality matters. The goal is to answer customer questions better than any other website does. After all, only the best content reach the best places on the search engines. And inspire the customers, then you also inspire the search engines.

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