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Remarketing in Online shops

Everything important about remarketing

Freddy Czaja


Consumers who have left a online shop without buying anything can be re-addressed via remarketing in order to be persuaded to buy. Remarketing allows ads to appear on a variety of websites tailored to their potential consumers. This exact targeting is possible because consumers have already visited their online shop (or website) and many information has been stored and available in the form of cookies. If these consumers now visit other websites on the Internet, they will see remarketing ads for specific products or categories in their online store.


Consumer A goes to our online shop, puts a product X in the cart and leaves without buying anything. Now it is possible to find out exactly by means of remarketing (remarketing lists) that consumer A has added the product type X to the shopping cart without performing a conversion. If consumer A now visits other websites, image ads (display banners) or even text ads are automatically displayed, promising, for example, free shipping orders or promoting the product.


+ Standard remarketing
+ Dynamic Remarketing
+ Remarketing for mobile apps
+ Remarketing lists for search ads
+ Video Remarketing
+ Remarketing via e-mail list

Our article covers remarketing on the Google Display Network. For the sake of completeness, it should be noted that remarketing can also be applied to Google Search. In addition, other providers, such as the Bing search engine, also offer remarketing programs.


The main goal of Remarketing (in online shops) is to persuade consumers to leave the online shop for a conversion (purchase of the product). Furthermore, remarketing can fulfill the tasks of branding and image building. Here Remarketing profits above all from the fact that one works mostly with image advertisements. The advantage here is that images (for example company colors) impress themselves very well and thus lead to branding. The message of the ad can contribute to building the image (if the ad has been designed that way).


Sales of products & services
Image building


The goals and benefits of remarketing are closely linked. Thus, playing a picture ad creates the opportunity to sell the product, to bring the company closer to the customer through branding and also to influence the image. For this reason, companies should look at remarketing holistically, not just as a means of selling a product or service directly.
The main benefit of remarketing, however, is that the target groups are addressed very accurately, which in turn leads to an increase in the conversion. Here's where we come to the analysis: companies that use AdWords, can already evaluate by default, all measures of remarketing well; However, if Google Analytics is also used - which is advisable - there is much more data available for analysis - which in turn can lead to a better identification of the target groups and to improve the conversion rate. The costs of remarketing measures can also be seen depending on the billing model; clicks are often much cheaper than regular AdWords text ads here.


+ Possibility to encourage customers to buy again after leaving the online shop
+ Accurate addressing of the target group
+ High range
+ Very good evaluation option
+ Branding
+ Image Care
+ Cost-effective


To enable display advertising and in particular remarketing, it is firstly necessary to provide websites (publishers) with space for advertising and a platform or software where the operators of the websites (publishers) can log in to make advertising space available (Google AdSense).
Second, a platform where advertisers can create and manage their ads (text ads & image ads) (Google AdWords).
Third, a method to track information and use it for ad serving.

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Display Network - to unify all Google Partner Pages

Google brings together all the websites (publishers) that make room for advertising on the Google Display Network. The Google Display Network is called Google AdSense and works by first signing up for Google AdSense and then specifying what kind of ads are placed on the website and where (for example, over the header or as a skyscraper). Once everything is set up, publisher websites will display the ads. Here it is important to know that you do not automatically appear on a particular ad space. Google AdWords works by auctioning, where the highest bid and the quality of the ad determine which ad is displayed, as the competition also offers to the ad slots.


Software to set up the remarketing campaign

Google AdWords will create and manage all ads for Google Search and the Google Display Network. This includes all Google Search text ads, Display Network image ads, and all remarketing campaigns. Setting up a successful remarketing campaign is not to be taken lightly and should be done very carefully. In a comprehensive tutorial, we'll describe how to set up a remarketing campaign in Google Adwords.

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What standards are there

Typically, remarketing campaigns are delivered using image ads (display banners). For them, there are a variety of formats in which a distinction basically between the two types of desktop (including tablet) and mobile (smartphone). Further, the ads in "animated image ads" and "non-animated image ads" are distinguished. The following Google article describes in detail all possible image ad formats.

Formats image ads


Recognize consumers on other websites

Collecting information is a prerequisite for successful remarketing. In the process, a cookie is set up on the first website visited, which contains information such as the website settings or information about the pages visited. All other websites visited by a user complete the information. Through this data, it is possible to determine relatively accurately where the consumer was in the online shop and what his interests are.


In addition to Google, there are other providers of retargeting solutions - Facebook as the largest social media platform is one of the market leaders. The following page presents the most important providers:


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