Querverlinkungen innerhalb einer Website

Wichtiges Element der Suchmaschinenoptimierung.

Freddy Czaja

Crosslinks are information transmitters & Directory for user & Google. We can use it to enhance the keywords of each page and make relevant. Often they are the only way to pages that are not linked in the navigation or sitemap & without crosslinks these pages would not be indexed by Google.

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Each HTML page of a web page has a certain power (Google rankings, visitors per day, relevance). This one can channelize now to strengthen certain pages. It's like with the backlinks that refer many different domains on the page X of your website, then this is a signal for Google that there is to find interesting content. Consequently, increases the page X in the search results pages with relevant keywords for them upwards. So if you cross linked, then shows you user & Google where something interesting & beyond relevant.

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Link text of crosslinks

The link text for individual pages should always remain the same, because this text link is considered to be the keyword (topic) this page. An example: one linked from the page X of its own website, an article with the link text "Adidas Mundial Goal", then one says Google and the customer with the fact that on this page must be something about the shoes Adidas Mundial Goal. Through the link text, we thus confirm the title tag, which probably also means Adidas Mundial Goal. If we repeat this, so refer from different sides of the own website, with the link text "Adidas Mundial Goal" on the page by Adidas Mundial Goal, then intensify and we confirm the keyword 'Adidas Mundial Goal "on this page.


The result presented in Wikipedia perfection. The user remains on the site and click their way from page to page, to gather information. This is what we also want the user to be satisfied and remain on the site as long as possible. We achieve this, then the chances are great that the site is better placed in the search results.

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By cross-linking Google understands the structure of a website better & can assign pages specific keywords.

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