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Odoo versions the differences

Community, Enterprise, Online - For which version should companies decide?

Freddy Czaja

Odoo ERP comes in three versions: Odoo Online, Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. They differ in scope of functions, hosting, customizing, number of users and in the price. Odoo is written in Python and requires a PostgreSQL database. Licensed is Odoo Community under GNU Lesser General Public License v3. Odoo Online & Odoo Enterprise are chargeable.


Odoo Online is a software as a service solution (SaaS) and is hosted on Odoo S.A. Servers. The version is available out-of-the-box and thus ready for use immediately after installation. One of the biggest advantages of Odoo Online is that companies do not have to worry about the technology - this is done by Odoo itself (security updates, hosting, migration..). Disadvantages are: Odoo Online is not customizable. Companies that want to map special processes in ERP should therefore opt for Odoo-Community or Enterprise. 


Odoo Online has a limit of 50 users. In addition, you must switch to Enterprise or Community Version. Modules within Odoo are called apps. Apps cost upwards of 8 euros per month - the use of "extra integration" costs from 24 euros. If you use only one app, then Odoo Online is free. Otherwise you pay only for the number of users - here the price can vary with annual or monthly payment. The same applies to the apps used.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Another service offered by Odoo Online (not free) is the so-called "Success Pack". The service consists of four possible packages that provide hourly Odoo support (25, 50, 100 or 200 hours). The hourly wage is 99 Euro / net (may vary). The Success Pack can be used to implement enterprise-specific preferences, import data, and more. Customizing is not possible.


Probably the most used version is Odoo Community. The version is open source and free. This means, you don´t pay for the users and also not for default apps. Odoo Community can installed on the own server or local. All apps can be used, although not with all functions - this should give companies an incentive to switch to the Enterprise version (or Odoo Online) to get the full benefit of all the features. Odoo Community ist full customizable and can be downloaded directly on Odoo.com.  Here is the Link: Odoo Community.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Odoo Enterprise is the top product of Odoo. The advantage of the enterprise version consists above all in the extended function range of the individual apps and the customizability (programming). Functions such as dynamic accounting reports, banking interfaces, e-mail marketing templates, barcode support, check printing & deposit, dunning or A / B testing and much more, are already integrated here and can be used immediately. Odoo Enterprise has no maximum of users and is completely responsive (Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone) unlike the community version. Here you can work just as well with the tablet or smartphone as with the desktop computer. Companies wishing to use Odoo Enterprise should either use Odoo S.A. work together or have the implementation and support provided by an Odoo partner. The list of Odoo partners can be found here: www.odoo.com/partners


The license cost for Odoo Enterprise is calculated per user - the minimum being one users. At the moment 18 Euro per user and month are due, with five users you pay 1080 Euro per year (prices may vary by offer). Furthermore, the used standard apps are chargeable (from 8 Euro bis 64 Euro). The prices do not refer to the number of users, but only to the price of the individual apps, as well as the number of apps. The exact prices can be found here: https://www.odoo.com/pricing

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