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Define objectives in the app odoo employees - Tutorial

Freddy Czaja

Target agreements and awards are intended to motivate employees in companies and give them an additional incentive to do good work and tob be more valuable for the company. Companies should start with simple target agreements, such as a monthly sales target. However, the possibilities for awards and target agreements are so great that companies have to find their own strategy here.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


First, you should create an award in Odoo, which will be awarded when a goal has been reached. Go to "Odoo > Employees > Challenges > Badges" and either select an existing award or create a new one. We create a new Badgesin the tutorial. To do this, click on "Create" in the area and in the first step you assign the name, in this case "Employee of the week" and to the left of it a picture, so that it also looks visually good. Then enter the description for the award. Under "Granting" next to "Allowance to Grant" you as an administrator assign the people, who have ther permisson to asign a award.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

If you put a tick in the "Monthly limit for the award", you can regulate the amount of awards per month. Basic attitude is one award per month. Under "Rewards for challenges", you can see the target agreements associated with the award and also add new ones. Below you see the statistics for the award.


After you create the award, you can set up a goal agreement. Go to "Odoo > Emploees > Challanges" and click on the blue button "Create". The new target is called "Monthly Sales Target" and we enter it under "Challenge Name". Just below, under "Assign target to", we insert the selection of employees who are participating in the program. It is important to know that employees must be connected to an Odoo user account in order to participate. You can also assign the target to someone else (partner, id, etc.).

The next item is "Periodicity", here you can choose between "No repeat, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly". If you do not repeat, you must set a start date and an end date. Then enter the responsible person on the left side as well as the start date and the end date.

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Under the "Goals Definition" tab, enter the target value that activates the award. There are basically two values to be distinguished here. On the one hand, this is a quantity, such as 20 answered questions and, on the other hand, a sum of money, such as 20,000 euros, based on a sales value. However, it must be defined where this value is read out. To do this, you either select a finished goal definition, such as "Settled amount" or create a new one by clicking on "Create and edit" and enter the values. The whole thing is usually done by a programmer.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Within the "Reward" tab, next to "For Every Succeeding User," select the appropriate award. Underneath you can assign an additional award that will be activated for each first user. Then you have the option to put a check mark in "Reward as soon as every goal is reached" once a goal has been reached ".

Odoo CMS - a big picture


In this tutorial, we linked the "Month Sales Target" goal agreement to the $ 20,000 sales target and linked it to the "Employee of the Month" award. Now you can do a simulated sale in your Odoo, where the employee (and connected users) sells a product, so that the goal agreement is met. It is important that the product is completely billed. Then go to Odoo "Employees > Badges > Sales employee of the month" and click on "reload target" in the top left corner. Now, under the tab "Awards", the award should be visible to the employee under "Odoo > Employees > Personal > (the employee)".

If the button "reload target" does not work, it may be that in the award next to "award rights awards" the button is activated in "No one, assigned through challenges". So here you can not intervene manually.


This area is especially important for managers, as they can see the current status of the goals to be achieved here. The default setting of the filter is "User Target Definition" and thus shows all users among themselves, with the values ??"Start Date, End Date, Current Value, Achieve and Target Achievement". The last two values ??indicate the distance to reach the target.

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