Odoo CMS - a big picture



Freddy Czaja

A process can not be mapped in the ERP standard? Then the ERP must be changed so that it is possible. For companies with standard processes this is not interesting - for all other companies, it is often essential. Odoo offers this big advantage because Odoo is Open Source and Customizable.


Of the three Odoo versions, Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise are fully customizable. The third version "Odoo Online" is used as SaaS (Software as a Service) without this possibility. The target group are companies with standard processes. But there is one exception: If a complete module is written for a change, it can also be used in Odoo Online.

Back to Odoo Community and Enterprise. Companies using these versions can have individual programming done in all apps. Here, the requirements determine the mapping in ERP and not the other way around.


Customizations in Odoo can be added successively. This is a great advantage because companies like Start-Ups can start with a standard software installation and gradually expand their ERP. This approach is agile and helps control costs. The workflow here is similar to the Odoo integration. First the new requirements and key figures are determined, then the detailed analysis of the processes follows. Once this has been clarified, the project manager and the Odoo developers will determine how the implementation should be done. The upcoming work is then broken down into small tasks and entered into the project management software and the task board. Then the implementation by the Odoo Developer begins. When all tasks have been completed, the tests of the new function, fields, etc. are carried out.


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