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Odoo Onlineshop for B2B Companies

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Freddy Czaja

Recognizing the potential of a thing is the starting point for change. For companies in the B2B sector, an connected online shop is an improvement. Customers can order directly in the online shop without calling a seller to ask for prices and more detailed information. Time and money savings are the motto here, both for your own company and for the customers.

This article will show you the potential of Odoo ERP in connection with the integrated online shop.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


What do your B2B customers want? You want good quality, reasonable prices and an efficient, fast ordering process. Here's the lever your company can use.

A business-to-business online shop can not change the quality of the products, not even the price, but it can facilitate the ordering process - for both sides. In the online shop, the B2B customer always sees the current prices of the products, the number of pieces, plus all other information - and can order directly from here. Annoying phone calls or faxes falls away.

In Odoo the whole thing is even more effective than in other online shop software. The products are created in ERP and then published automatically. Each customer is assigned a specific price list so that as the supplier, you determine the pricing between each customer. This automatism is one of the many strengths of Odoo.

Let's give you a few examples to illustrate how it works:


This is mostly about box orders of various drinks. B2B customers can place everything in their shopping cart, determine the delivery time and, of course, pay directly. Advantage of the customers: they save time and always see the available quantities of the products in stock. Also, the order can be abandoned on the go - whether desktop, tablet or smartphone.


Suppliers of vehicle parts can expand their lead over the competition with a B2B online shop. Customers have the opportunity to see the real-time inventory of products and to respond quickly with low inventory. In the account area after the order, all details can be viewed - from the delivery tracking to the invoice.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Odoo is one of the world's most successful enterprise resource planning software. Odoo is open source, royalty free (Odoo Community), freely scalable and customizable. All advantages can be found in the following paragraphs.


What are the strengths of the integrated online shop? First of all, the combination of ERP and online shop in a software is advantageous because the connector is eliminated. The connector is the interface between the two softwares and usually has to be updated every time the ERP or the online shop is updated. So for any company that operates an ERP and online shop, the question of compatibility is crucial (do both softwares fit together?). Odoo does not know all that - because Odoo is ERP and online shop software in one.

Furthermore, the focus is on a software, also the focus on only one specialist (programmer). If you have three softwares, you may need three programmers.


Odoo is license free in the "Community" version. This means monthly or annual user fees are gone. The same applies to all standard apps such as sales, purchasing, storage, CRM, etc. - the only: not all features of Odoo Enterprise are included in the community version. But that also makes the difference to the Enterprise version.


Another advantage is the possibility of customizing (customization). You want to get special data (and processes) displayed in the online shop, which are actually only available in ERP? No problem: because that can be added using Python (programming language Odoo). Other online shop software must be cumbersome adapted here, if it is too realized - and the connector must be changed.


Open source software offers companies the possibility to carry out customizing. This allows changing the code of the software so that specific business processes and can be mapped and controlled. Also works - as in the case of Odoo - a large global community to improve the software and not just 100 developers of the manufacturer.


Scalable means that small businesses can start with a user and an app, and as their business grows, they can increase the number of users and the number of apps. This ensures right from the start that costs are minimized, but also that the ERP can be extended again and again - right down to customizing: in other words, the integration of special business processes.

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