Odoo CMS - a big picture

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Freddy Czaja

Odoo is available in the three versions Odoo Community, Odoo Online and Odoo Enterprise. Each of the versions has its advantages & disadvantages, which are significant when deciding on an Odoo version. This article shows you major benefits of each version.


Odoo is freely scalable and can be adapted to the processes of any company. For example, a startup can start with a user and an app and gradually expand Odoo. This is especially useful for the Odoo Online and Odoo Enterprise versions, as each additional user and app costs royalty. Another important point is that the Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise versions are fully customizable. You can therefore adapt Odoo to your business processes as you wish.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Odoo Community is royalty free (free). Odoo Online & Odoo Enterprise are subject to license fees. The prices depend on the number of users and the booked apps. The cost per user currently amounts to 22 euros per month (with annual payment). The cost per app is different. They start at 8 euros (app sales) and amount to 48 euros for Odoo Studio (in annual payments). Additional integrations and free-programmed apps can cost more.


A business can work with Odoo from anywhere - the only thing you need is internet. This is a significant advantage over conventional ERPs and also a cost-saving factor. If your company relocates, it does not depend on permanently installed hardware in the house, but the PCs are simply connected in the new building and you can continue working. Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Online are also optimized for all devices. Whether PC, mobile phone or tablet - Odoo always offers the right view.

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