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In order to cope with the high volume of data (information) in companies, it is necessary that the digitization in companies is driven forward. A Document Management System (DMS) is a milestone in this field, enabling the database-driven management of electronic documents in one place. One goal here is to increase productivity, increase process speed and improve work quality.

Odoo DMS was introduced with the Odoo 12 release (October 2018) and is available in Odoo Enterprise & Odoo Online. We now want to show you in this article how Odoo DMS works & how to use it.


1. Capture & Creation (e.g., scan paper documents and paste into the DMS)
2. Distribute invoices, delivery notes etc. (automatically or manually)
3. Processing (Communicate, Split, Replace, Actions etc.)
4. Archiving
5. Deletion (for example in the case of GDPR)
6. Search (all available in one system)

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Tutorial Odoo DMS


1. Within the Odoo DMS you will see the Folder & Tags on the left side. This gives you the ability to navigate & filter between all documents.

2. If you have selected one or more documents, you will see on the right side next to the documents, a sidebar in which all possible actions to the document are listed. Here you can, for example, select a new folder, add tags, perform actions or replace documents, delete and much more. Description follows in the tutorial ...

3. The upper navigation is self-explanatory. Here we have the menu point "documents", that is the main page on which you will always work. In addition there is the menu item "Configuration", with its sub-items Settings, Folder, Tags, Actions & Shared Links. Depending on your user rights, you only see a part of it, all or nothing :-)

Odoo CMS - a big picture


To add documents to the DMS, they must be uploaded to the system. If they have not yet been digitized, paper documents must be previously be scanned. Uploading in Odoo DMS is child's play. Log into Odoo, go to the Odoo-DMS app and click on the "upload" button in the header. After the document has been uploaded, enter the necessary information in the right sidebar to be able to assign the document later. You can enter and change the following data: Name (Picture.jpg), Contact, Owner, Folder (Important: Directory (for example, Finance) where the document is stored), Tags (for better allocation).

To open a document, click on the image or Adobe icon that appears to the left of each document.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


For a DMS to work, all documents must be assigned perfectly. In Odoo, therefore, the documents are assigned to a Folder (only one folder possible for one document) and then provided with tags. You can add new folder and tags by clicking on Configuration in the top navigation and then going to Folder or Tags. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture


It is important to internalize that tags are subordinated to a tag category (for the sake of clarity) and apply only to one directory. When you create it, you therefore first write the name of the tag category in the upper field "Name" in "Configuration > Tags", then enter the "Folder" for which the keywords should apply and the actual keywords to the right of it. Example: Tag Category "Status" - Tags "To check, checked, Rejected, Paid". Due to these differentiated status, working in the DMS is much easier later.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


When creating a new folder, there are a few things to keep in mind. To do this, go to Configuration > Folders in the upper navigation system and then first enter the name of the folder. Below this you can add a "parent directory". The whole thing is important for more complex structures in the DMS, so that later a good overview is possible.

The next item "Access groups" is very important, because here, as the name implies, they allow certain user groups to get access the individual folder. To the right of this is the "tag categories" section, here we add the tag categories, wich we before created in the area "Configuration > Tags". But if you delete a Tag, it is completely gone from "Configuration > Tags".

Descriptions at the bottom allow you to specify what is allowed to be included in the directory, what rules are available and so on.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


For a faster and better quality processing of the documents in the DMS without additional steps, various actions can be carried out in the Odoo DMS Chat. There are automatic & semi-automatic "actions" (see below), write internal messages, sending emails out of the document & planning the next actions. This results in several advantages: Each correspondence is documented, several people can be involved in the process, explanatory documents can be uploaded, no additional software is required (e-mail programs etc.), better planning of the next steps.

You can access the chat by clicking on a document and then clicking on the chat icon in the top right corner of the sidebar. In the opened right-hand window, you can then perform the following actions above: Send message, Log note, Schedule activity.

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture


To download, share, or share documents, click on a document and then on the right sidebar above, and then perform the appropriate action.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Actions in Odoo DMS are predefined processes that enable faster work. Examples include: creating tasks, validating or reviewing documents, or requesting signatures. It is important to understand that clicking on an action can simply mean moving the document to another state. For example, a document that has the status "Inbox" (tag) in the Finance section, loses the status "Inbox" after clicking on "to Review" and is then contained in the status "To Review".

Possible actions are: product template, signature template, vendor bill, credit note, vendor credit note, tasks and much more.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Before you add an action that creates a task, the Odoo App projects must be installed. To create an action, go to "Configuration > Actions" and then on the green button "Create". Here in the tab "conditions" you first enter the "name", for example "create task" or more specifically "check document for spelling mistakes", then add the name of the folder, and below the contact & owner.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Then go to the "Actions" tab and select the action next to "Create" (Task). Below this, select the new contact & owner and the folder to which the document is moved. Next, under "Set Tags", insert the keywords in which the document will be included after the action.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


In order to use this action, the Odoo App "Subscription" must be installed. Then you create the action, like in our previous section "Creating Tasks", you only have to select the item "Signature Template" in the "Actions" tab next to "Create" & of course assign a suitable name for the action.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

If you have done everything right, you can test the whole thing. To do this, go to the menu point "Documents", choose a document and click on the action, for example "Insert signature". Now the document opens and you can prepare the document. To do this, click on the document so that the navigation bar appears above the document and drag the task to the required position. Possible are: Signature, Initials, Text, Multiline Text, Checkbox, Date, Name, Email, Phone & Company.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Once done, click on the "Send" button above. In the newly opened window, enter the addressee's e-mail address or a contact (if the person is registered in Odoo). Underneath, you can enter other data & information, such as "copy to, subject, message", as usual with e-mails. Then click on "Send".

Odoo CMS - a big picture


You want to split a PDF because someone sent you all the documents in a PDF? No problem, that's easy with Odoo DMS. Simply click on the document on the left (Adobe icon) and write over the document in the field "Extract pages" what the layout should look like. Example: 1-5, 7,8 or you can separate all pages by setting the checkmark to "all pages". Then just click on the green button "split".

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Exact storage
Quick document search
Time savings
Worldwide & shared access
Improved collaboration
Less mistakes
Reduction of space requirements
Compliance with legal regulations
Better employee motivation
Digitized documents, rather than paper
Improved customer service
Environmental Protection

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