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Article on the costs for Odoo maintance Contracts

Freddy Czaja

The introduction of a new ERP system is an important step for companies as it contributes a great deal to the success of a business. What is often forgotten when choosing the ERP, are the subsequent costs incurred by the ERP. For companies such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft, the annual recurring costs of maintenance contracts between 15 and 29 percent of the purchase price & the annual license costs - for small and medium-sized companies a huge additional burden and wich can not be bypassed.

But what about Odoo and its three versions? We will tell you in this article!

Odoo Online

Odoo Online is a pure SaaS solution (software as a service) and the software and IT infrastructure is operated by the manufacturer (Odoo S.A.). This solution is particularly interesting for small and medium-sized businesses, as they do not have to worry about issues such as security updates, upgrades or migration (the current Odoo version). Also, all prices are displayed transparently, as well as in Odoo Enterprise. The costs are made up of the used apps (modules) and the number of users (monthly or yearly payment method). The advantage for companies: The ERP costs are easy to calculate and far from the expensive acquisition costs & maintenance contracts of other providers.

Important: In Odoo Online the customizing of apps & modules is not possible. The number of users is limited to a maximum of 50.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Odoo Enterprise

Companies using Odoo Enterprise usually have an Odoo partner by their side. He takes on tasks such as implementation, customizing or ongoing support (security updates, backups, etc.). For the latter, then a service contract is important, which regulates regular costs, tasks and hourly rates. However, the service contract or maintenance contract is not tied to the purchase price or the number of users, but geared to the needs of the client.

The cost of Odoo Enterprise consists of the number and type of apps + users used and includes a maintenance contract with Odoo S.A. is closed. The advantage: the migration (default) to the current Odoo version is provided by Odoo S.A. taken over and is part of the maintenance contract. The description can be found on the following page: Odoo Upgrade. Please note that the migration is only related to standard apps & modules. Modified and non-standard apps and modules must be adjusted separately (see graphic). However, the Odoo Partner will take over this responsibility or Odoo S.A.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Odoo Community

Companies using the Odoo Community Version either have an Odoo partner at their side or look after the system themselves. If the ERP itself is managed, there are no costs resulting from service or maintenance contracts, as Odoo Community is Open Source. If the ERP is maintained and developed by a service provider, tasks such as availability, server support, security updates, migration to current versions in a service contract must be regulated, as well as the costs themselves.

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