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Odoo app notes


Freddy Czaja

The Odoo App notes is inconspicuous, but very useful for companies that use Odoo. In this tutorial we want to show you why this is and how the Odoo app works.


If the app is not already installed, go to "Odoo > Apps" and install it. After installation you will find the module in the upper navigation under "Odoo > Notes". Once you have clicked on the link, you are in a typical Odoo Kanban view. It is also the Overview that makes the notes module so very practical. The default settings in Odoo 12 Community are the Kanban columns New, Today, Meeting minutes, Notes and Later. The last column is "Add column"; It allows you to create a column that is useful for your workflow. You can create your own process here.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

The Kanban view works by drag and drop a note into the respective column for the best possible overview. If you would like to edit an entry, then click on the note. If you want to delete the note or give it one of ten colors, hover over the note until an icon (three dashes) appears on the right side of the note. After clicking on it opens a small window in which you can make the settings.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


To create a new note, click on the blue button "Create" on the top left. Now enter your note in the content area - it should be noted that this note should be short, so that not too much space is given away in the Kanban view. The text can be edited by several editor functions. You can change the text to bold, italic, underline, list or indented. The editor also has the function "undo & redo", so that you can retrieve an old processing status of the text by pressing a button. Already at creation, the note can be assigned to a corresponding Kanban column. For this purpose, the different buttons are available on the right above the form. Furthermore, you should use the "Tag" function to keep track of many notes.

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