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Odoo App Dashboard

Personal area for your reports

Freddy Czaja

The Odoo App Dashboard is a great way for users to integrate all the relevant information and reports in a personalized overview to save time. The dashboard is very reduced, so you can not make any more adjustments than to choose one of five layouts. In the tutorial we use Odoo 11 Community.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


To save a report to the dashboard, go to any menu in an app (for example, "Sales > Quotations"), go to the list or graphical view, and click "Favorites" in the top search box > Add to my dashboard. After that, the content is integrated into the dashboard (if you do not see anything in the dashboard, you need to reload the page). Once everything has worked, you can not only see all the information at a glance in the dashboard, but also switch to the relevant area with one click.

You can adjust the layout by clicking on the "Change layout" button in the upper right, selecting a layout and then dragging the contents in the columns.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

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