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Google Shopping for Online shops

Opportunity for new customers and more sales

Freddy Czaja


Google Shopping is a Google offering that catalogs products by various criteria to help consumers find their product quickly and easily. Google Shopping ads can be found in different places on the web:

1. Google Shopping - a stand-alone area in Google Search.
2. Product Listing Ads (PLA) - in Google search, next to the search results, but separate from the text ads.
3. Search Network Partner Sites - including YouTube and Image Search in Germany, if the "Include Search Network Partner" option is enabled for your campaign.

The offers (products) are not from Google itself, but from merchants (e.g., online stores) participating in the Google Shopping program. Google itself receives compensation from merchants, either based on the price of the product being sold or determined by the click price on the ad - which usually varies, as it's usual in Google AdWords, ad auction.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


One of the biggest problems in e-commerce is that consumers can not find the products of an online shop because the visibility in search engines is too low. Here we have the problem: the online shop is there, the products too, but consumers do not know about the offer - even if the prices are very good.

Online marketing measures such as Google Adwords text ads are great for promoting products & appearing at the top of Google's search results - but that comes at a price. It is better, of course, if an online shop has a high relevance for the search engines and thus the products appear on the first places in search engines. If this is not the case, there are other opportunities in online marketing - but Google Shopping is one of the most effective, if the profit margin allows it, because a tough price war is the reality here.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


The Google Shopping opportunity is to get consumers to the site, buy the products, and then become regular customers - with everything that goes with them. And the chances are good, because Google Shopping has been around since 2002 and consumers are using it. So what are the benefits of winning customers through Google Shopping?

+ New customer recommendations
+ Friends are made aware and advertised
+ Share on social media channels
+ More traffic in the online shop, which in turn helps the relevance in search engines.


+ High visibility
+ Many users
+ Channel for new customer acquisition
+ More Sales 


First, you need a Google Account. The next step is to sign in to the Google Merchant Center with your online shop. Google Merchant Center will upload your merchant and product data to a Google server for later use on Google Shopping and other Google services.

The management of Google Shopping (Shopping campaigns) then takes place in Google AdWords. You'll need to sign in to Google AdWords and connect to the Google Merchant Center. The next step is to create a Shopping campaign and associated Shopping ads to manage its products. How to do that, the following Google tutorials show:

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