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Email marketing with odoo

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Freddy Czaja

E-mail marketing is a subset of online marketing and when applied correctly a highly successful one. Why is that? In order to succeed in advertising, the target audience must be addressed as accurately as possible. If you know your target group and have separated them in the form of recipient lists (for e-mail marketing), then you know how you adress your customers. This article explains the principle of e-mail marketing with Odoo.


The email marketing app is basically customer relationship management (CRM), but can be found in a separate Odoo app. The app allows you to create email marketing campaigns and to verify your success. In it, e-mail recipients can be sorted according to target groups, which form so-called recipient lists. The mass emails are created by means of Website Builder, and the evaluation by the area of ​​reporting and within the campaigns.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


One of the great features of Odoo is its built-in Website Builder. He allows the easy creation of newsletters and mass emails, with impressive layouts. The application is very simple: drag and drop prepared content into the body of the email and customize the layout and the label according to your ideas. Then insert the corresponding email recipient list and send it off.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


The evaluation shows the number of emails received, emails opened, emails answered and clicks on integrated links. At the campaign level, you get the same in a separate pivot table. Of course, it's going together with Google Analytics much better - here you can track every sale and determine how successful the campaign really was.

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