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Create Selling teams in Odoo


Freddy Czaja

In order to better organize sales in large companies, it is necessary to divide the salespeople into sales teams. Within the sales team there is a team leader and the team members. In Odoo CRM sales, the sales teams have different rights, allowing a smooth sale from initial contact to the sale. Update: Since Odoo 11 the apps Sales and CRM are separated.


An e-mail has been received in the system. The description shows that this is a complaint. A responsible person assigns this request to the "Complaint" team and to a processor. When contacting the Person, it turns out that the customer actually wants to buy a new product. So this "prospective customer" becomes an "opportunity". In direct succession, the previous processor shifts the customer to opportunity and assigns a new Seller, who in turn belongs to a different sales team. All processes are documented below the request, so that a complete tracking is possible.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Creating sales teams is very easy. To do this, go to the app "Sales" and then in the top navigation to "Configuration > Sales teams". In the overview you will see the current sales teams. But you want to create a new one and therefore click on "Create".

In the newly opened window you first assign the name of the new sales team and the rights (Quotations, Pipeline, Leads). Then you enter the e-mail alias & determine the team leader, as well as the team members and save afterwards.

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