Odoo CMS - a big picture

Benefits Odoo Enterprise

Odoo Enterprise vs. Odoo Community & Odoo Online

Freddy Czaja

Odoo is available in the three versions Odoo Community, Odoo Online and Odoo Enterprise. Odoo Community is free, Odoo Online and Odoo Enterprise are chargeable. Odoo Enterprise is the flagship of Odoo because it has the most features and the most complex advantages. In this article, we want to introduce you to the features and benefits of Odoo Enterprise.

Basic benefits Odoo Enterprise

- Backend optimized for all devices (responsive).
- More features than in other versions
- Standard Migration by Odoo S.A.
- No limit on the number of users


With the splitting of Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise in 2015, the course was set to better differentiate both versions. Odoo Enterprise should provide a stronger incentive for companies to choose Odoo Enterprise - and not without ulterior motive: for the current revenue through Odoo Enterprise, are one of the main sources of revenue for Odoo S.A. For this reason, the design, usability and number of features of Odoo Enterprise have been permanently changed.  

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Odoo enterprise has the advantage over Odoo Communit that it is optimized for all devices (desktop, tablet and smartphone). This means that the content adapts depending on the device and are therefore better to use (read, write and act). Frontend: Website and Onlineshop are available in Responsive Webdesign both in the community version and in Odoo Enterprise.


Odoo Community and Enterprise differ completely in design and usability from each other. Colors: the colors of Odoo Enterprise are a harmonious white, gray, pink and green, which is very inviting. Odoo Community, on the other hand, looks a bit sad, with its black and gray colors. In Odoo Community, the main navigation is in the header and the app navigation is on the left side of the content. In Odoo Enterprise, both navigations are integrated in the header, which gives responsive web design a better overview. It also saves a lot of space, which in turn benefits the clarity of the content. Furthermore, Odoo Enterprise looks much tidier and more professional.

For example: the area for internal notes, message sending and activity scheduling will be shown in the desktop version on the right side of the content and will be moved below the content if the device width changes. The whole thing looks very smart and mature.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


As already described above, Odoo S.A. tries to isolate Odoo Community from Odoo Enterprise and make it much more attractive. This includes integrating with every app important additional features that most businesses need. Businesses now have to decide whether they want to take Odoo Community and let the features evolve, or whether they're about to switch to Odoo Enterprise. Here are some examples of the features:

Odoo App sale
Coupons & Promotions: manage advertising and coupon campaigns.
Shipping: Integration of various shipping methods & calculations (DHL, UPS, FedEx, bpost, USPS). VoIP integration. Electronic signature.

Work orders and quality: processes at specific workplaces according to work plans and quality control.
Maintenance: Schedule the maintenance of your inventory.
Main Production Schedule: Plan production order or create purchase orders based on forecasts.

SEPA direct debit (SDD): collection of customer payments with one click, via the Euro SEPA service.
Online Payment: Let your customers pay bills online.
Docsaway: Send your invoice in one click via Docsaway.
Extended dunning process.


One of the biggest benefits of Odoo Enterprise over Odoo Community is that the migration to the new version of Odoo Enterprise is performed by Odoo S.A. Not included are features developed by the using company. These features must be migrated separately by the company or the Odoo Partner.


Basically, Odoo Online has the same features as Odoo Enterprise. The main difference is that in Odoo Enterprise, features can be customized into (by the user company), which is not possible in Odoo Online. This makes Odoo Enterprise easier to scale up and basically enables better mapping and control of processes that are far from standard. Also, the number of users is not limited, in Odoo Online has a limit of 50 user..

In addition, companies have the option to run Odoo Enterprise on their own hardware. In contrast, Odoo Online is a pure SaaS offer from Odoo S.A. and runs only but out-of-the-box on Odoo's own servers.

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