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Working one year abroad

Mercedes Scenna

My year in Bloopark

The title of this post is not entirely accurate, but it was my goal when I first decided to work for Bloopark. Coming from Argentina, which is quite far away (16-hour-flight to be more accurate), you don’t know exactly what to expect; and me personally, I was never in Germany before.

Being fully honest, my firsts months here weren’t easy, everything about this country was different: the weather (THE COLD!), the people, the food, the mood. I had to change my way of living, in every possible way.

My job description when I came was “Project Manager”, a one year internship through the AIESEC program. As my first “real” job, I had very little experience in the agency field, and the Project Management field was not the exception. With the guidance of Jens, the CEO of Bloopark, I managed to start off and find the things I liked and the ones I was good at. My tasks involved mediating between the client and our office, creating concepts, mockups, planning time and rollouts, as well as doing Online Marketing and social media campaigns. I had a hard time finding my comfort area in some of those tasks; after some months I decided to give the design area a shot, which is my study field, and deepen my basic knowledge in web.

At that time, we were developing the Belsonno project. So I started with the layout of some pages. Pleasant surprise: even though I had a very bad experience with web design during University and promised myself I would never do it for a living, here I am - enjoying my job as a web designer, enjoying html, sass, templates, odoo, etc.

The office also changed: from the few people we were in the beginning, some left, some new arrived. Last year, the office was quite small and quiet. The office I am leaving now, as I conclude my year, is more friendly, vibrant, youthful, and with better music. The ambient has evolved incredibly from that first one I landed in. It’s not just about the people, some turn of events and decisions along the way, also changed the atmosphere for the better.

My year in Germany

Some fun facts that don't involve work. Living in Germany means, very cold winters and not so cold summers, and it is right in the middle of Europe so you can practicaly move everywhere in a 2 hour flight. 

I have to say, this last thing helped a lot for me to get use to living in Europe. Coming from so far away, all great places that are almost impossible, are completely doable in a long weekend. It also helped, after some months, to get me used to most of this cultural differences, once you find your way in the city you can start merging your own traditions. I think I'm lucky for the people I met and surrounded myself this year, it would have probably been not so easy.

I tried different areas to finally find what I want to do, I have to thank Bloopark for that. I learned a lot in different fields. I didn't learned german as I wanted to, but I still have the future. After this experience, I would come back. I will come back. 

My project for next year

I renued my contract with Bloopark, so next year I come back and will continue improving my skills and knowledge in all this new world I found. I still have a lot to learn, as it is said in spanish "Más sabe el diable por viejo, que por diablo" (The devil knows more because he is old than because he is the devil). I still have a lot of places that I want to go to, I could write an entire blog with my trips.

Anyway, thanks for everything Germany, see you again next year! 

Some snaps of my little adventures