Odoo CMS - a big picture

Rebuilding bloopark homepage with the New Odoo Themes

How simple is it now to build a great interactive website?

Mercedes Scenna


Odoo has been working a lot lately on the frontend side. It started with the website builder, which allows you to create the layout of your shop or page by dragging and dropping elements. They have evolved tremendously since that. New blocks, themes, features, functions have come up.

We are so excited about all this innovation on the new odoo themes, features, animations, building blocks, etc. that I decide to rebuild our homepage with the Graphene Theme.

You have so many possibilities, so many cool stuff directly from your CMS frontend, no code needed. Just drag and drop.

Our homepage it’s full of content, has different features and animations, so you will be able to see the great power of what I’m talking about, specially the Graphene theme.


1. Let's start with the first building block: The full screen background video. A lot can be set with this "Media Block", starting by the source of the media you are chosing, if you want to add a background to the video, or even animations. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture

As you can see in the panel on the right, you have some other setting regarding the source of the video. You can upload an html5 video (webm format), an iframe from an online source, or a picture.

Other setting are positioning, background patterns or effects, animations and background color.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


2. The feature building block is an old one, its available since the first versions of the Website builder. what has changed is that now you can add some cool animations when the elements is visible. And that feature is available for every element on the site, plus some specific setting for particular elements. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture


3. There is a new building block called Showcase on the Graphene Theme, with animations already setted, but you can adapt them to your own use of course. It has icons, headings, and texts, and could be used for services or features you want to showcase side by side, since they fade in from left and right by default. The styling is already done, it can get a bit tricky to change the whole structure but surely you can get good results. 

Odoo image and text block
Odoo image and text block


4. The Bloopark process is shown as a combination of the old "image + text" and "text + image". And the new theme allows us to add the animations that before we needed to do by coding. From the website builder we have a clearer view since it shows preview when we hover over the options and we have loads of settings for it.  

Odoo CMS - a big picture


5. Something that can't be left out due to its huge usability is the Google maps integration and all the styling that comes as easy as creating a website with Builder. As you shown in the video, there are a lot of layout possibilities, map options, all the animations that can be added to every element on the page, and so much more. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Now you've seen a portion of the results you can get with these cool new features. And there is so much more to show, themes are being released so often, by odoo and by partners. And each one of them has their own pecularities. Take a look at Odoo Apps page, you have a live preview of all the themes and you can find out more about it. 

These themes can also be customizable, you can add or change fonts, colors, just adding your companies branding, and of course create new building blocks. But this is another story to tell, one that involves templates and backend. If you are interested in that take you might find interesting A surface impression of the Odoo Themes  blog post.


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