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Odoo feature of the week: New image gallery snippet


NEw image gallery snippet

This is new feature in form of a building block, found on the master branch. It involves an image gallery with a whole new world of customizing options. But lets have a look.

This is the feature overview you can see in odoo.



Select from predefined backgrounds or add some custom images as you want. This gives you the possibility to restyle the gallery in different ways, and it can always be adapted to your corporate design

Tip: If you need more options or custom stylings, add them to your theme. Ask your developer :-)


a range of features

a grid, a slideshow, Whatever you want

You have a lot of possibilities to show images on your site. Select the feature that better suits you, even a slideshow or a grid, you have lots of possible combinations to display the images. For example, the grid view shows all images in a predefined grid with a lightbox on click.

The great thing is, that you can customize everything to your needs, like adding more options or layout changes. Ask your developer :-)


A list of other integrated features 

Last but not least, a small overview of all freatues of the new odoo webiste image gallery 

  1. Will work on every page inside the odoo website builder
  2. Customizing of the background with the Option Panel to change background-color or add an background image
  3. Different display modes like none, masory, grid or slideshow
  4. Structure possibilities defined by columns in which your images will be shown
  5. Set the space between the gallery images
  6. Select different default image styles like circle, thumbnail or with animations
  7. Even select the background-color of the gallery according to your website and images displaying.

Click in the button, select the latest master branch project and click the blue button to connect to the related odoo installation. If you want to have a generall Odoo presentation, please contact us