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Odoo 9


Luana Silva

 ODOO 9 


As it was expected, the version 9 brought a lot of new features to Odoo world. The user experience was the main focus, 50% of the improvements are related to usability and design. 


The accounting was totally renovated. The banking framework was integrated with 24,000 banks, so it is possible to obtain real time data in different formats. 

The invoicing and reconciliation process were simplified. It is possible to send invoices through regular mail by 1 click. 

New dashboards and reports were also implemented, now it is easier to follow-up your business using Odoo 9.

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The e-commerce has important new features as well. Website, e-commerce and blog features were improved both to Community and Enterprise. Furthermore, mobile applications and responsive screens are also news from version 9.



For Odoo 9 Enterprise the news are even better. Versioning and A/B testing tools are available, making easier to test and analyse your website effectiveness. 

Shipping integration was also implemented to this edition. Now controlling the e-commerce logistics is simple. Besides, eBay and Amazon connectors were integrated. There are many new integrations in version 9.

Check Odoo Editions (https://www.odoo.com/editions) to know more about Odoo Enterprise.

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Subscriptions management is also a new concept in version 9. It is a new feature related to projects and sales. It is used to manage recurring invoices. Forecasting tools were also implemented in project management.

CRM and marketing are even better too. Now you can choose a theme and send mass mail to your target. Furthermore, Odoo was integrated with VoIP, so you can control all customers' contacts through Odoo.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Last but not least, the point of sale was structured to support restaurant management. Track orders, send them to the kitchen and manage the environment in a easy way. 

This is an overview of version 9 improvements and new features, specific posts are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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