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Sean Kenny

odoo 14

The vision and an outlook

Odoo 14 will be here in the near future. According to Technaures.com we can expect Odoo 14 already in October 2020. This is exciting as a new Odoo version always means many improvements and new features.The Odoo 14 roadmap was presented in November 2019 and gives a brief overview of the focus this version brings along. This time the focus was set on 2 specific ideas.

Save Time ⏱️

Cross-App integration ↔️



Update ideas and concepts are checked against the following guideline by Odoo to see if they match the vision the company has for the open source software Odoo:


Does it


make Odoo simpler?

improve the existing?

help the user with onboarding?

attract more users?

Is it worth the effort?


This guideline helps to focus on what is essential and what bring the biggest gains to the customer in terms of usability and performance.


Making ERPs more user-friendly and intuitive is a big part of what Odoo aims to achieve, and quite successfully so one might say. This time around it is once again the use of time that has been set as focal point. This notion will likely carry out throughout the Odoo 14 release but here are some examples of how this idea will affect changes: 

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Aggregate picking

Imagine having to pick an order, made up of item 1 and item 10. The items are stored on opposite ends of the storage facility and therefore it takes a while to collect them. After being do with this order the next one comes in, again item 1 and 10. You probably already had the idea but what if you went to collect 2 x item 1 and then 2 x item 10. This would vastly reduce the amount of time spent inefficiently and would free up either time to work on more meaningful tasks or relax for a bit longer.


To implement this a feature for aggregate picking report will be introduced, allowing to bundle multiple orders together and create a picking report for the employees. 

App interactions

The accounting app requires many different settings and inputs. This can be too much and deter or frustrate employees. The accounting app poses a lot of bottlenecks during the actual work. Improving workflows and reducing the amount of time spent on tasks due to inefficient sep-ups is another example of how saving time will be implemented into the Odoo ERP. This will probably not be done via one big feature but with multiple small adjustments to the app itself. 

Cross-App integration↔️

This is where Odoo stands out. The individual apps are great and the interaction between the apps creates a beautiful, efficient and easy-to-use system. Focusing more on creating Cross-App interactions and functionalities will make everything feel even more cohesive and allow for easier workflows. 

E-Commerce & Rental

Improving the integration between closely linked apps like e-commerce and rental will lead to a more convenient and satisfying work environment. This combination could for example make for an easy rental offer via your website, where the customer can now directly select the item (perhaps a car) and the rental details (duration, etc.). 

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Odoo Changes


Odoo is not just an ERP, it is a community. And as such 50% of the improvements are made because of Feedback from the customers. The users and the partners have a huge influence on how Odoo develops. This allows for more creativity and more intelligent minds bonding together to identify and solve problems as well as find inefficiencies and opportunities for improvements. 

Summary 📈

These improvements are quality of life changes, they make it easier to set up and use Odoo. Odoo 14 will of course come with many more changes, including new apps, changes to Odoo Studio and so on. In conclusion, Odoo 14 looks like it will be a promising new edition in the fight against unnecessary complexity of ERP systems and in the workplace.