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Micro vs Macro conversion


Bruno Gomes


Recently we started to set up Google analytics on the website of one of our customers.
After some discussions and stressing some requirements, we came up with a set of pages/views / URLs that we wanted to track.
In the beginning, we were considering to track only what really matters to the customer, for instance, track when the user confirms an order, or track when the manager releases an order confirmed by the user. These are so-called macro conversion.
But after some research and investigation, we did find the value of tracking some micro conversions, such as, when the user edits an order created, or when the user clicks on the button “help” on our website.
It is common to underestimate the value of a micro conversion, but let’s have a look at what is the difference between both and how they can help us to reach our goals.

Micro conversion

A micro conversion is a measurement, which indicates the potential for success, but not the success by itself. Let’s have a look on the Amazon website to better understand the micro conversion with real examples:

  • Read the review of a product
  • Add a product to the wish list
  • Search for similar products
  • Edit an order previously created
  • Read the FAQ on the website

As you can see, none of the actions mentioned above is strongly related to the final step (sales), but they help us to understand how our customer is following a workflow on the website, which steps the user is following to reach the macro conversion. The metrics collected by the micro conversions help developers, project manager, web designers to improve or even change some behaviours regarding user experience and the sales process, from the beginning to the end.

The idea is simple: do not ignore any data

Macro conversion

The macro conversions are events which can highly impact the goal of the company’s website. They include:

  • Confirm an order created
  • Pay for the order
  • Sign a contract


A good metaphor to distingue macro and micro conversion is: think about macro conversions as a wedding. The wedding is the moment where a couple decides to establish a long-term relationship. Several steps were done in between, such as the flirting, a gift, meeting the family and so on.

While the primary goal of any online shop is to drive the user to some kind of transaction (macro conversion), there are several small steps in between (micro-conversion) that lead the user to the macro conversion

Micro vs Macro conversion

Odoo CMS - a big picture