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Human Resource in Odoo 10 - Part 2: Leaves, Attendance, Timesheet, Expense.

Hieu Le



Leaves app enables me to manage leave requests from employees.
I can allocate requests for my employees which means they can take days-off but still be paid.

An employee creates leave request. Then a manager will check and decide to approve it or not. This will have an influence on the payslip.


A manager can get the Leaves Analysis to have the overview of human resource capacity in his team.


With Attendance app, an employee can easily check-in and check-out with a simple interface, one click to check-in and one click to check-out. This feature is available starting from Odoo 10.


Then those data will be recorded in the system:


One new feature related to the check in check out process is the Employee PIN code that requires Employees to enter their PIN to check in in Kiosk mode. I do not see the benefit of this feature. Maybe it is for avoiding cheating.



Starting from Odoo 9, there are several ways to input working hours. 

  • Log into the system:

Firstly I need to connect to Odoo server.

Then I can use the time tracker to log working hours for my task:


This app is used to record the expense by employees for working purposes. The basic workflow is that: an employee creates an expense report, submit it to his manager, a manager approves / refuses, an accountant posts journal entries, finally the expense is paid.


A special feature ‘Expense Email Alias’ (menu Configuration > Settings) allows you to create your Expense by sending email with the receipt in attachment, and the pattern in email subject (Product’s Internal Reference, expense amount).

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