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Human Resource in Odoo 10 - Part 1: Recruitment, Employees

Compare Version 8, 9, 10 & Main Apps: Recruitment, Employee

Hieu Le

This is the first part in my series about Human Resource applications in Odoo.


According to Odoo 9 Release Notes, the main changes and improvements in Odoo 9 compared to Odoo 8 were:

  • Split Apps: before, all features were in Human Resource root menu. Odoo Human Resource is now Odoo Appraisal, Odoo Expense, Odoo Fleet, Odoo Employees, Odoo Leaves, Odoo Recruitment and Odoo Timesheet.

  • Employees' monthly presence: HR managers can easily report employees' monthly presence with new menu entry.

  • Appraisals: easily configure who should receive a form. Define and select forms per roles. Manage evaluation schedule with stages. 

  • Employees leaves summary: HR managers can easily manage payrolls with new employees leaves summary. Use green button for approved and calculated leaves and grey button for pending leaves that will be managed later. 

  • Expenses: process each expense individually.

  • Dashboards, Reports: for Timesheet, Attendance, Leave Requests ...

  • Timesheet: a new app to record your working hours. Mobile Apps on Android and iOS, and Google Chrome Extension.


According to Saas 12 Release Notes (the last Saas release before Odoo 10), the main change is in the Expense app, the rest stay the same:

  • Employees: expense creation via a mail sent (take a picture of the sale ticket)

  • Manager: approve expense report submitted by employees

  • Added more menus to describe the workflow better (Expenses to Submit, Refused Expenses, Expense Reports to Approve, Expense Reports to Post, Expense Reports to Pay)


As I said above, there is no many differences between HR in Odoo 9 and Odoo 10, so I will go through the HR apps in Odoo 10 Enterprise with some examples to see how it benefits a business organization in HR management.


Suppose that I opened a company. The first thing I need to do is to recruit some employees. Go to menu Recruitment > Job Positions, I create some job positions:


I also define the recruitment process by creating ‘Stages’ for applications:


Some candidates send their application forms, I drag and drop them in columns to mirror the process in reality:

I can access the calendar to schedule interview right on the item on dashboard:


On the application form view, I can see candidate’s related information: contact info, responsible, attached CV (button Documents), and an internal chatter for followers to discuss about it. If everything is ok, I can create employee right away.


Survey Form is also integrated to help the responsible prepare the list of questions for the interview, and take note answers from candidates. By clicking on button Start Interview. I can define a survey, pages, questions, question types using the Survey app located at menu Surveys.




After recruitment, I have now a list of employees located at menu Employees > Employees. Here I can manage more info of them such as Contact Info, Personal Info, Position, and quick links to access their related Leave Requests, Contracts, Timesheets, Payslips ...

Next part: Human Resource in Odoo 10 - Part 2: Leaves, Attendance, Timesheet, Expense.