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Growing in e-commerce - How to spend your budget wisely

why Odoo ERP offers the most for your budget

Stefan Krämer

growing in e-commerce - How to spend your budget wisely

Why Odoo ERP offers the most for your budget

I‘m always close to tears when I see that six digit e-commerce budgets just go off in dust. We have recently come across two projects. One was an online bullion shop from a major bullion bank. They spent 250,000 Euros and in the end they experienced 8 months delay and got Magento Standard with two features implemented. In fairness... Magento Standard was adjusted to their corporate logo and colors.

The second example is a logistical company who spent 350,000 to implement a closed-source system from one of the market leading software programs. It ended with a dis-satisfying result.

The two keys to e-commerce success: Good ERP planning and a sound budget

Before accepting a project we perform a proper due dilligence in order to develop a sound plan. For us it is vital to learn how the business processes are structured, in what way the database structure can be improved and how the future shop features and ERP system should look and perform. The market moves fast and customers are picky. It takes them only one click to go away from your side if they don‘t find what they are looking for.

Odoo ERP: Open Source, mobile ready & fast

It doesn‘t matter if your business is national, mulit-national and multi-lingual. Odoo can integrate all of it.

Integrate Business departments on a modular basis: From Sales Production to Logistics

Next to the shop frontend; Odoo ERP offers over 3,000 free Apps to suit your business needs. Regardless where your company is based Odoo makes sure that the specific business needs are met. Odoo is a truly global piece of software.

Customizing with bloopark

Odoo is open-source and free available to everyone. This save licensing costs. Naturally, when implementing open-source a share of the budget goes into customizing. Customizing means that the bloopark team programs the features and apps tailored to your company‘s processes.

The result is that you will get an individual software with maximum value to your company.

Success in E-Commerce - Return on Invest within 12 months possible 

There‘s a lot of webshops out there but only few perform. When we built a webshop then we factor in the critical aspects. The critical aspects are:

Mobile optimized shop + Google visibility + great product + premier service = Sales Success

ERP system + realtime accounting + intelligent warehouse and logistics = minimal administrative effort

Sales success + minimal administrative effort = return on investment within 12 months.

The Budget Formular for Success

Currently it is common knowledge to separate webshop and ERP system. But in these days it doesn‘t make sense to spend money to program an interface. Odoo integrated mobile optimised shop and full ERP system. The budget saved can be spend much better.


Catalog of requirements: ​5%
Design and Shop Setup: ​25%
ERP System Setup: 35%​
​Bugfixing: ​10%
​Employee Training: ​15%


ERP system and webshop is integrated in one tool; this saves money, time and hassle. The most important work in the beginning of a new project is the catalogue of requirements. Agile project management guaranties that requirements and bugfixes will be sorted out quickly.

The right design, a great product & service with maximum google visibility guaranty sale success and the ready Odoo ERP system ensures minimum administrative effort.