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Going Global - Every Company can become a global company

Or: Who can help to grow my business internationally?

Stefan Krämer



Extending your business globally was never easier with less budget than today. Global logistics, webshops and ERP systems allow a safe and easy operation.

In the old days most small business owners never thought about growing the business outside of the home country. With the internet this challenge can be accomplished from the office desk.

So you have a fantastic product, knowledge or service?

Then go global and offer what you‘re good at! How? With Odoo ERP and e-commerce. Languagebarriers are history and expensive consultants too. We know what we talk about.

If you really want to be successful you need to make your product available to a lot of potential customers. Today the internet is most amazing market place.

Hello Everyone! My name is Stefan Kraemer, 20 years of business experience, Agile Project Manager and CEO of a multi-national corporation with double digit million annual turnover.

When you internationalize your company then you need a good strategy, a little bit of valor and good logistics.

Step 1: Add Multi-languages to your Webshop

By adding more languages to your shop you automatically increase the amount of potential customers. For example if you are a UK or Irish company you should let people in Germany let know what you‘re good at.

Germany is with over 80 million citizens the biggest market in the EU and should not be dismissed. You actually can upgrade and handle shop orders from your desk; you don‘t need to set up a German company or rent a warehouse. You can do this from your own company base.

Getting it done: Multi-language Online Shop with Odoo ERP and e-commerce

When setting up a multi-language shop we use the Odoo ERP and e-commerce system from the beginning. Some people may think this may be oversized but actually Odoo allows with its modular system to grow with the business. 

Odoo is the globally leading open-source erp system that can easily grow with your company. You need to count into the equation that your shop is very successful. Odoo can per default:

  • Multi-language in Shop and Admin Panel. Different employees in different countries operate Odoo in their native language. Language barriers were yesterday.
  • Multi Company. Manage your foreign branches
  • Accounting. Odoo manages a separate set of account for each company and country. Account reconciliation is easily manageable and saves unnecessary expenses.
  • Warehouse and Logistical management for several warehouses, countries and tasks.

Choose from over 3,000 business apps that suit your individual business best. Customization to your companies needs is done by our expert programmers.

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The person: Stefan Kraemer‘s business experience spans 20 years. For the last 14 years he is CEO and runs a multi-national corporation that sells only online with a double digit million annual turnover. He works with Bloopark to develop international e-commerce projects with Odoo.