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ERP Software Migration

Sean Kenny

ERP Software Migration 

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Are you thinking of using a different software than the one your company is using right now? Then you are thinking about System migration. System migration is the process of updating the existing software to a new version or transferring the business operations to a completely new system or software. This is done to utilize new technology and features or generally add value to the business. 

System migration can involve a multitude of reasons, some of which might be more efficient process design, moving away from outdated applications, migrating away from a software with unnecessarily overwhelming and confusing amounts of complexity (cough SAP cough). But there are many more motivating factors to think about software migration.

The Idea

It can oftentimes be easy to see that the current software might not be suitable anymore. But changing it - how would that even work? And what new software to choose? Important should be to not lose functionality, ideally even gain access to new features. At the same time usability should become effortless and smooth. Choosing the right software is perhaps the most difficult step in this process. We would of course recommend researching Odoo 13, but that is only because we know what Odoo could do for you. You can certainly start to investigate a different software and then return later to learn more about us. Besides consulting experts there sadly is no shortcut for this step and you will want to make sure that you get it right! 


Us at bloopark 🚀

Odoo, the open source software which we develop, adapt and design, is a modular open ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. This means that we are able to develop the exact the software your company needs. With Odoo, we can choose from over 10,000 modules and apps and individualize them according to your needs. All of Odoos functionalities integrate perfectly and seamlessly with each other, creating a complete and autonomous software solution, that will eliminate the headaches you get from your software today. 

The Process

Migration itself can be tricky. If done wrong, it can destroy all the potential benefits of migrating to a superior software, as well as drastically lower the working climate. Risks can include the following:


If employees are not comfortable with the new system, it could create a backlash or, perhaps even worse, a decrease in moral or motivation. Only increasing a systems possibilities usually does not lead to vast improvements. Designing a system, which is also more intuitive and easier to use - now that is something everyone can get behind!

Roll-out process

System migrations rarely occur during the night and implementation by parts can lead to several other problems. A software, which resolves this, like Odoo 13, can vastly reduce the potential risk of this undertaking and, therefore, is a major advantage in projects like these. 

Certainly there are more risks to be discussed - perhaps in a future article. The two mentioned above should merely demonstrate how hard a successful system migration can be when not consulting experts.

Us at bloopark 🚀

We think that working with professionals is the best strategy to minimize risks, afterall a project should be assessed not only by how much has been spent on it but rather how the final result performs and how you got there. We have been working with Odoo for more than 7 years now. All along the way we have focused on helping our clients grow.

In The Future 

Our next article will provide a broad overview of Odoos features, such as CRM, inventory control, project management, sales management and many more. Discussing the possibilities of these Odoo apps is appealing to you? Maybe the prospect of learning more about Odoo as an ERP is exciting you as well? Then feel free to contact us via bloopark.de