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And Odoo's Modular Advantage

Sean Kenny


And Odoo's Modualr Advantage

The eCommerce sector is on the rise, it actually has been growing drastically over the last years. This trend does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. The reasons have all been discussed at length already and are blatantly obvious to everyone. One interesting dynamic has, however, not been discussed thoroughly enough:


Since the eCommerce sector has a low barrier to entry may online shops start out with limited resources and patchwork many things such as their IT infrastructure so that every job can get done without too much additional cost. This is a clever and efficient way of starting, but as the stores grow these system-combinations become increasingly inadequate to handle the day-to-day business. Now the question is how to upgrade the IT infrastructure to satisfy the operational demand of capabilities while not killing the budget. This is trick as an ERP system is oftentimes the best solution in terms of functionalities, but the cost is often immense, this is due to the fact that many ERP systems come as a whole so you pay for the whole. As a growing, but not amazon-level online store, this is a hard commitment to make as it creates huge risks for the company. The solution could be the modular approach of Odoo, you pay for what you need, if you need only an inventory management tool, then you can get that alone, if you later want to add a CRM system or other things you need, then this is possible too. 


The modular bases of Odoo allows for the perfect customization for each individual company, and the best part about it is that it can be adapted as the the company grows! This is exactly what eCommerce companies need. And other advantages, such as more connectivity between apps and more functionality options haven’t even been taken into account yet (you can inform yourself more on this here: https://www.odoo.com/de_DE/page/ecommerce-comparison).


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