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Andrei Pöhlmann February 2017  

Odoo Marketing Apps vs Mailchimp

Hieu Le February 2017  

Micro vs Macro conversion


Bruno Gomes February 2017  

Accounting XLS Reports

and some Report Engines for Odoo

Hieu Le December 2016  

Human Resource in Odoo 10 - Part 4: Payroll

Payroll, Salary, Salary Structure, Salary Rules

Hieu Le September 2016  

Human Resource in Odoo 10 - Part 1: Recruitment, Employees

Compare Version 8, 9, 10 & Main Apps: Recruitment, Employee

Hieu Le September 2016  

Odoo Partnership

Hieu Le September 2016  

Email Templates Revolution in Odoo 10

Conversion from Mako (Jinja) to QWeb

Hieu Le September 2016  

General UI Changes in Odoo 9 & 10

Hieu Le August 2016  

Price List in Odoo 9 & 10

Simplification of Pricelist

Hieu Le August 2016  

Odoo 10 Workflows Partial Removal

Hieu Le August 2016  

How to reduce the number of Test Cases?

How to reduce 4320 test cases into 3 using Pairwise Testing?

Hieu Le August 2016