Odoo ERP für B2B

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Freddy Czaja

The B2B online trading is not a new invention, but we have the ability to automate B2B partially today. The use of ERP software in the B2B sector enables better work & control over all areas. ODOO ERP can make your processes more efficient. An important prerequisite is the exact project planning in order to implement all of the company's requirements.

These modules can be unlocked and changed to meet your needs.

+ Finance
+ Human Resources
+ Production
+ Warehouse Management
+ Research & Development
+ Purchase
+ Sale
+ Project Management
+ Production
+ Document Management
+ Product Data Management
+ Marketing

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How to work with ODOO ERP

ODOO is used normally in the browser. Enter the address of your site, then log in with user name & password. Now you have the chance to enter the corresponding ERP area and it goes like this anymore: In the top navigation all available ERP main areas are displayed, with one click you're already in it. Once there, you are working with the help of a very clear lateral navigation, here tooltips also be displayed on request.

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+ ODOO is open source.
+ ODOO is one of the best open source ERP systems.
+ ODOO has an integrated CMS for great online stores & websites.
+ ODOO has an integrated CRM system.

Easy B2B may be.