Die richtige warenwirtschaft finden

Das ist zu beachten?

Freddy Czaja

For many companies, an enterprise resource planning is only useful if the business running properly and limits the capacity of human resources will be achieved. From this point, the focus is placed on the introduction of a Wawi or ERP software. Now it is important to make the right decisions, thus enabling that effective & money & time-saving conversion of the business needs.

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Where the difficulties lie in introducing an enterprise resource planning or ERP’s

Main difficulty is the wide range of enterprise resource planning systems and thus result, the possible decision for the wrong software. It's the same with the agency to be charged, a failure in the implementation of the Wawi, by choosing the wrong agency, is also possible here.

So what's to be considered?

+ Industry solutions are preferable.

+ The Agency must be a specialist in the selected merchandise.

+ The excellent training of employees may not be treated a main theme & incidental.

+ A specification is essential to create, it is the working basis for a professional implementation of the enterprise resource planning.

+ The plan must also include a time schedule.

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Possible steps in the implementation of the new ERP

First, inform the person in charge of the company over the whole systematics, this includes the possible ERP systems, industry-specific solutions, companies who have already realized the introduction of an ERP & e-commerce possible agencies. When researching one pays attention above all, to potential difficulties that could arise during the implementation of the own enterprise resource planning.


The first step: The specification must be created. It is the basis for the company's own requirements and working basis of all agencies in the preparation of the offer.

Once the offers have been compared, must be for an agency to be decided here should include not only the price but also the experience of the company, in the realization of such projects.

After the conclusion of the contract, the project is meticulously planned.

This should be considered when planning

+ It should be worked with the real data and products to identify possible problems right away.

+ To train staff in the use of enterprise resource planning is the A & O.

+ Priority has the trouble-free work of the enterprise with the introduction of the ERP.


Choosing the right ERP & the specialized agency are the guarantors for the successful realization of its own enterprise resource planning. Are these points well resolved, the rest is "a mere formality". Another tip: As mentioned in the post, the employee training is an essential part in introducing a Wawi, this enough time should be scheduled.